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Having Fun with Catch-Phrases

Updated on January 22, 2012

Dusting Off Cobwebs

Here I am again on HP and I am very glad. Been taking care of my Mom, with the Chemo and even though I haven't been writing hubs, trying my best but not having the gumption or feeling-in-the-mood to write, to be Part Of or being Involved in this great community. In the many hours I was with my Mom, I took notes, alot of them. It is almost over whelming. I LOVE the words, and how we talk in our society, so I thought of something light and easy for me, since I have a little Writer's Block. But here it goes.


Phrases with Friends

I went to work the other day and told my friends and co-workers that I was writing a story about Catch-Phrases and that I needed their help with the story and to think of some (they know I write a little) and something AMAZING and FUN happened! And they did help!! It was so cute, because I would be standing there, and someone would just BURST OUT with their own catch phrase. First, I was so engrossed in work, I had forgotten what was going on and one of my very lovely bosses came up behind me and said "When Pigs Fly." First I just stood there, "mmmmm, okay" then I said "Oh, great, THANKS!" Then I would proceed trying to write it on my palm, I got INKY that day. But I had a good day that day, and I think it was because of this HUB. LOL.

It's a HOT mess!

Hey, what's up my unda-cuva- brotha from a different mutha?


It's a train wreck.

Off the Chain!!


Ain't no thang but a chicken Wang

Love,Peace and Chicken Grease
(my friend says this when we are leaving work. Oh yeah, she either does the rock-n-roll sign or something like that.)

One day it was Friday and I was being sarcastic and poking fun and I said "Bye.... Love, Peace...CHICKEN FEET".( and did the raspberry sound and thumbs-up sign). Of course everyone laughed.

To the 5th power (bad)


Where did Old Sayings Come From?

Country Sayings;

Cry-mi- née

More than one way to skin a cat

Flatter than a flitter ( once pancakes?)

Shoot fire and save the matches

Not big enough to throw a cat around
( my grandma said this to my mom when she bought her tiny car, it was a chevette)

Scat Cat! Cat's Tail's in the Fire! (what's up with the cat thang?) someone's grandmother said this, I hope I got it right.

Get yer done Vern

That's a shame.., All that Meat and No Taters ( a girl looking at a good lookin' guy)

Cold enough in there to hang


Have You Said These Catch Phrases?

A watched kettle never boils ( waiting on time clock)

Don't quit your day job ( usually when someone is singing off key).

Knock on wood

Raining cats and dogs

When it rains it pours

Better late than NEVER


Sayings that I have created and people have passed it along.

I need I b prophen cause I be hurtin'

Red Alert

"Hello-Dere" ( kinds in a Henry Gibson from The Burbs movie voice)

Which Catch Phrases Am I Missing?

Please write some of your own, or some funny ones you have heard people say. I would LOVE to see what y'all have!!


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    • sweethearts2 profile image

      sweethearts2 5 years ago from Northwest Indiana

      Don't look a gift horse in the mouth; look who's calling the kettle black; out of the frying pan into the fire; if horses' were wishes, beggars would ride; don't count your chickens before they hatch; lights are on but nobody's home; a sandwich short of a picnic; madder than a wet hen; you've got a good memory, but it's short; it takes one to know one; home James and don't spare the horses; age before beauty, but beauty was a horse; don't cry over spilt milk; when the cows come home.

      And, that's all I got, there ain't no more.

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Interesting hub, especially for writers or anyone who deals with words. Voting this Up and Interesting.

    • CMCastro profile image

      Christina M. Castro 6 years ago from Baltimore,MD USA

      Very amusing indeed! I have my own hubs (check them out) with funny thoughts to ponder. I really think that people have word finding aphasia when the non grammatical expressions come out; when someone is under stress, and then if said often enough, especially if their parents or guardians have said it repetitively, then the catch-phrases stick in the mind unconsciously and then come out. For several years, I had a relationship with someone who said, "Yeah" all the time, and then I started saying it. So I relate to this hub, and when writing, it is good to know the difference.

    • Dee42 profile image

      Dee42 6 years ago from Beautiful Arkansas

      I love em'!!

    • cherylone profile image

      Cheryl Simonds 6 years ago from Connecticut

      A penny saved is a penny earned; cat got your tongue; a stitch in time saves nine; when pigs fly; do bears s--t in the woods; is snow white; don't eat yellow snow; times a wastin; one can short of a six pack; one card short of a deck; (in answer to "I'm commin" from the kids) so's Christmas and it's moving faster; go downstreet; com a callin; I can't think of any more right now, but I thought you might like these. :)


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