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He Didn't Stand A Chance (Poem)

Updated on February 3, 2013

He Didn't Stand A Chance (Poem)

He alway's knew he was a problem child

From the dark sadistic look he had whenever he smiled

Destined for betrayal he knew he was alone

Since he could ever remember he has always been on his own

He never wanted attention neither did he seek pity

He was just a child mistakenly born into a gritty city

Poisoned by pollution and uneducated

Tormented by confusion he has grown to always be frustrated

He fought from the start to stop those hunger pain's

He didn't quit, there was too much determination bleeding in his veins

The young helpless child became a warrior

With nature on his side he created a barrier

Away from the poison, the noise and the people

Kept himself to himself, no friends because people are evil

He learn't only pain, Never wrote, he couldn't read

he knew tears, leftover meal's, and he knew speed

But the boy who became a warrior still couldn't get away from his past

Death took its toll, they knew he didn't stand a chance…

- Jai Capone


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    • Jai89 profile image

      Jai89 4 years ago from Cardiff

      Thank you for your comment.

    • JustWrite7 profile image

      j.d. williams 4 years ago from Dallas, TX

      voted up and awesome...