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He Died Inside Me

Updated on March 23, 2016

About loving and giving yourself to someone who could never love or give wholeheartedly to you.

He died Inside of Me,

With engines plugged into him,

To help him move,

To help him feed,

I must have driven too fast,

Moved from 0 - 100 way too quickly,

For he stopped moving, left out the food,

He died inside of me,

With me inside of him.

With petrol filled to the maximum,

For a road trip to help Stella get back her groove,

But when that light went on, I failed to read,

I moved from 0-100 to escape my past,

I should have stopped when he smoked like a chimney,

Cause the lid popped,

And the engine blew, releasing a final shout,

Leaving water gushing along with my fascination,

He died inside of me, with me inside him.

With gears positioned well,

And all the functions in mint condition,

This vehicle will not move forward,

And I've covered the stains,

So no one can see the memories in every drive,

Of how, you died inside me, with me inside.

Even with my love for the smell of all things new,

Fixing the old and broken is like an obsession,

But even with your new engine, you are scary to drive,

Or have I become the coward?

For I do not know how to turn the key,

Without remembering that the last time I did,

He died inside me,

With me inside him.


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