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Head Warden And Other Released Thoughts

Updated on March 7, 2010


Head Warden.


Alone in

my mind,

in the

of my cranium,
praying that

someone will
free me

from my

brain cells,
locked in

the state

of sorrow,
in this

loveless world

of gray matters,
my soul beating

against the

bone dome,
my eyes

the only windows
filmed with tears
all life's a blur,
a prisoner

of my own making
when you left me
out of my

head with grief
until I slipped

back in
and threw

away the key.





Artistically Yours.  

A splash

of ruby
dances over

pale burgundy,
a brush of

peach flesh
against deep tan,
as faces blur
two pink sponges
entwine and

draw bliss,
sighs echo

from the
cathedral of t

heir palettes,
blue levi and

lavender pleats
mesh in

abstract pressing,
blond ringlets and
auburn lanks tumble
into finely

woven blends
thus the kiss

 is painted
in lipstick smears
across his

hungry canvas
for her love











Release On Life!  

Oh to

just let go,
to fling arms
and legs akimbo,
and limbo lower
then life allows,
and twist

the truth
into bent flesh,
and bend

flesh into truth.

To wail

with joy
and wallow

with wild abandon,
no time ticks,

just hot licks,
of guitar,

and skin flashes
in leotards

and bling winging it,
all eyes agape

as you become
a dervish,

a tumbleweed

across the

lit plastic floors.

Shall we dance?









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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Free him from his brain cells

      Tell him secrets that no-one tells.

      Take him again to soar

      Upon another dance floor!