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Updated on August 25, 2012

Atop a stream wove a singular tribe

Of unknown wisdom and unicorn hide

With splitting spear rearing from its head

Healing the path that the devil led

Knights were their anointed occupation

For their majesty surmounted imagination

They came down from Kent and Norfolk

To protect the weak from what Judas spoke

And lay in the sun singular and staid

As the world embraced the colors that were laid

Upon the patches of ground made from God above

And a One that we never speak of

Continually sharing their host and advice

Others in turn smote the masters of vice

There were Kings and Queens to be honored and protected

And they shined their horns till they disinfected

What flowed downstream with quiet study

Of the Earth of around them all thick and ruddy

For Nature was where one could find them

Not in pursuit of a gem

But knowledge itself so regal in its own

It was once responsible for Satan overthrown

With an overpowering source of awesome strength

Down the river’s full length

Till they hit the base and spread to the bequest of all

The river is long, and it runs through us all.

-Michael Ferguson Head (8/18/12)


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