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Heading to Pulaski (poem)

Updated on April 6, 2015

New Hampshi're Might not be too much,true

But just enough.

Family time



These all make me dream

Of heading to Pulaski

Could drive there in a day

But I'm afraid I could not stay

Even With all the Snow that which I hate

My heart belongs to this granite state

And though I may travel near and far

And Far and Near

I will always Find Myself returning back home here.

Say NO to SNOW

My Dedication to you New Hampshire is Sincere and sweet,I only ask Of one Thing

Please no more Snow Let There Be SPRING

To those in New England

Congrats for surviving another Long Winter.

For those In the Warmer Climates Climates,Congrats for surviving another Vacation--on-the-beach type winter

What Me Envious? Ummm (Maybe Just A little)

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Do you like Snow

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