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Headlines That Don't Match The Photos #4

Updated on December 5, 2012

The news is often pretty dark and dreary. When the usual fare of abysmal news get us down we have to take our humor where we can find it. If you keep your eyes open, though, you often find that the best source of humor comes straight out of the same newspapers saturated with the depressing stuff. If you're sick of negative news, take a breather from the same old, same old and continue on to this month's edition of Headlines That Don't Match The Photos.

And if you'd like to check out the previous batch they can be found here:

Whether you're an adult or child, dinosaur news is always popular among readers.

Politics is a never-ending source of debate, contention and in this case, maybe peanuts and crackerjack

For those thinking of taking a mid-winter vacation, it looks like Disney is going up against some stiff competition this year

The NASA rover, Curiosity, has been sending back some spectacular photographs from Mars. But I have to say this is the most stunning one yet

Folks who keep up with the British royals got some happy news this week

Not to be outdone, fans of the Obama family are forever speculating that a blessed event might come to the White House, too

Unfortunately, not all news is so sweet. Violence and mayhem still grab headlines

As does the nefarious, underbelly of crime

Not to mention the exploits of daring criminal masterminds

Weather-related hardships

But luckily, news from the world of culture sometimes gives us a reprieve to the negative stuff

The world of medicine still brings us hopeful news

And then there are those heart-warming stories that have the power to renew our faith in the human race.

This Hub ©December 5, 2012 by Beth Perry


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  • Rosemay50 profile image

    Rosemary Sadler 

    6 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

    These are hilarious, just what is needed on a Monday morning.

  • Pinkchic18 profile image

    Sarah Carlsley 

    6 years ago from Minnesota

    Oh my gosh! These are hilarious!

  • bethperry profile imageAUTHOR

    Beth Perry 

    6 years ago from Tennesee

    Mizjo, thanks much! And I appreciate you dropping by :)

  • mizjo profile image


    6 years ago from New York City, NY

    Funny! I bet the Methodist Church is getting a lot of conversions this Christmas.

    And no wonder Michelangelo took so long to paint the ceiling.

    Such an enjoyable hub!

  • bethperry profile imageAUTHOR

    Beth Perry 

    6 years ago from Tennesee

    NathaNater, so glad you enjoyed them :)

  • bethperry profile imageAUTHOR

    Beth Perry 

    6 years ago from Tennesee

    Chewy Mommy, thanks much :)

  • bethperry profile imageAUTHOR

    Beth Perry 

    6 years ago from Tennesee

    Natshalh, I'm glad you enjoyed them!

  • NathaNater profile image


    6 years ago

    Very, very hilarious stuff.

  • profile image

    Chewy Mommy 

    6 years ago

    A seriously funny Hub!

  • Natashalh profile image


    6 years ago from Hawaii

    Hahahaha. Wow. This was a much needed laugh after finishing up a long, hard semester of school!

  • bethperry profile imageAUTHOR

    Beth Perry 

    6 years ago from Tennesee

    Pavlo, hmm interesting, I'll have to try that! lol

    Thanks much for dropping by and reading :)

  • Pavlo Badovskyy profile image

    Pavlo Badovskyi 

    6 years ago from Kyiv, Ukraine

    LOL, so funny! I heard such a jocke: lets imagine you have a picture of a man beating a woman and you need a headline to this photo. Just open ANY page of any newspaper and you are sure to find at least one suitable headline or even more! (By the way - try it , it works) :)

  • bethperry profile imageAUTHOR

    Beth Perry 

    6 years ago from Tennesee

    Alastar, much appreciated and thanks much.

    But now you have me stumped..nurse..expiring..Kate Middleton...maybe I've spent too much time looking for the wanky stuff and not enough to the real news?

    And Oh, I hear you on Joan Rivers...recent close-ups of that lady scare the bejesus out of me. She's my MOM's age for pete's sake! Time for a little graceful aging, you know? lol

  • Alastar Packer profile image

    Alastar Packer 

    6 years ago from North Carolina

    Your a master at these Beth! Like your recent funny labels one this is great humorous viewing - and reading too with your witty leaders. Let's see - they run the gamut here from a fitting Joan Rivers- sorry Joan fans, to a tragically ironic one, a sexy and unexpected Mars face to an hilarious crack pic and more. Up n funny - Gotta share the laughs too! By the way Beth, whats with the nurse expiring in Kate Middleton's hospital room all about? Something smells fishy in Denmark there.:)

  • bethperry profile imageAUTHOR

    Beth Perry 

    6 years ago from Tennesee

    Sharkye11, thanks much and glad you enjoyed them :)

  • Sharkye11 profile image

    Jayme Kinsey 

    6 years ago from Oklahoma

    That is hilarious! I am so relieved that aloe cures even the mightiest burns! And bravo for the Methodists for choosing a female pastor...I am sure they will never again have to worry about a dwindling congregation! Next week, funding for extra seating!

    Great hub!

  • bethperry profile imageAUTHOR

    Beth Perry 

    6 years ago from Tennesee

    Nell, thanks so much. And yeah I love the unintended goofs, too!

  • Nell Rose profile image

    Nell Rose 

    6 years ago from England

    Haha! Oh brilliant beth! loved it! I can feel a visit to Mars coming on! lol! seriously though, they are so funny, and I know that I have seen similar things to this in the newspapers and howled with laughter, thanks for the giggle, voted up and shared! nell


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