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Headstoner's Plea.

Updated on December 19, 2009

Headstoner's plea.



I am somewhere

under this stone

less my eyes

which will

not see me

into dust.

My soul has left

this unkempt box
stained by

my rotting,

the whote mold

could not hold my

climb to find
to find higher


I will

see you

soon enough,

the other

side is

but a breathless

second away

somewhere in your tomorrow of sorrow

which is

meaningless here

where time

is frozen

in a rigor



of whatever.

You who

bend the

grass over

my head

as you pass

to seek

others who

have passed.
somewhere amidst

this unreal estate.

Walk respectfuly

amongst the dead,
for they know

the path to heaven
and the quicker

shaft to hell.

Quicken your step

when you hear

the wind howl

or feel a cold

finger of sweat

caresses your neck

for some envy
the living

flesh you bear
as thier bones

clatter into
untidy piles

of eternal despair.



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