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Healing Across Infinity

Updated on April 13, 2013

The warrior of truth awakes

An artist of impeccable discernment

Any illusion is so swiftly extinguished

What needs to be pardoned is abandoned

The light of love filters through all wounds

Healing across infinity


Standing tall, standing firm

Gentle heart of the distinguished dear soldiers

Stand strong one by one

Broken bodies infuse with new awareness

Wisdom is communicated from ancient ancestors

We are all connected

Embrace the peace of connection

Across time, space, infinity

Who even is that enemy that started the war

Madness has no name

But can madness even accept the grace of peace

Peace knows no madness

Open heart, open mind

Love for mingled parts

Love for what is whole

Madness is the lonely heart

Broken, shattered, battered,

No slaying will mend the loneliness

It only isolates madness more

Madness must greet the grand alone with new found courage

Surrendering to simple solitude

Empty handed

The final fight exhausted

Releasing to the stillness

Distorted perceptions become simple and clear

A single tear of true forgiveness

Sweetly snuffs the blaze that lit the sky from fury

Madness dissolves into the unknowable darkness

A deafening contact revealing

Incomprehensible transcendent love

The midnight graces the inheritance lost by separation

All is seen in this magic night

There is no need to take a stance

Apologies become unnecessary

Closing the end of an avid search

Stricken to the knees

Honored in Love

For even this war can be offered such true forgiveness is staggering

Open now to timeless love

Nothing else matters

No destination

No acquisition

Settled in the quiet


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    • Dyhannah profile image

      Dyhannah 4 years ago from Texas

      Thank you radhapriestess for reading and sharing your comment.

    • profile image

      radhapriestess 4 years ago

      Very beautiful poem. Some great images.