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Healing From Child Abuse - Facing the Truth

Updated on September 14, 2012

Part 1 of 5

© Copyright 2012 by Gloria Tanner

It was during my first visit to a counselor when I heard these words, "What you are going through is normal for someone who has been abused." The word abuse penetrated deep into my heart, and it felt like an electric shock running through my body. It seems crazy to me now, but up until that time, I hadn't used the word abuse to describe what I had gone through as a child. And then, I also felt a sense of relief: could there actually be an explanation for all the crazy emotions and feelings I had been experiencing.

This was the first step on my path to healing. I had to come out of the forest of denial where I had been living for so long. Telling someone I could trust was a break in the first link on the chain that had held me captive.


That little girl so filled with fear
through unending days of abuse.
No value shown for what she had inside.
She's just a body for someone's use.
Her feelings or thoughts didn't matter
so she learned not to express,
all the anger and hurt she felt
or the depth of her aloneness.
The few times that she did reach out
the words fell on unbelieving ears.
It only enforced what she already knew;
why bother when no-one hears.
It was easy to think of that little girl
as someone far off and from long ago.
But reality cannot be denied
as I faced the struggles in my soul.
I didn't want to believe it.
I didn't want to see.
That little girl is not just someone;
that little girl is me!

Once I faced the reality of my abuse the pain came rushing in.....


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