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Lush Greenery On Earth

Updated on August 30, 2014

God has made plants and trees compatible,

To save Humans with their properties incomparable.

Apart from providing with Oxygen pure,

They make enthralling bowers for sure.

They provide us with food indispensable,

Besides giving us canopies to rest.

The wild life is happy to play in their midst,

And even the beauteous Birds are included in the list.

The Medicinal value of plants and trees are well known,

With the Basil and the Cinchona playing multifarious roles.

They are the best of our playmates,

Who shields us from the Sun's scorching Summer rays.

They are potent to combat the green house gases,

Cleansing the Air for us to breathe in deep.

Soil erosion is well prevented,

As they clutch the Soil with fingers deep.

Besides marking the Seasons,

They add to our unity.

A pleasant Boulevard with a bubbling Spring,

Is what we love like Birds in the verdure of Spring.


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