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Song of Brief Mortality: Comfort for Lost Children and Loved Ones

Updated on December 21, 2012
"Song of Brief Mortality" - Frame and Illustration done in PhotoShop
"Song of Brief Mortality" - Frame and Illustration done in PhotoShop


This hub starts with poetry showing how a person might react to the passing of a loved one, to provide healing through cathartic release. Then it finishes with the title poem - offering thoughts on what the author feels is the peaceful state of the deceased.


Oh, pray be moved by the wail of our sorrows

As whale song-turned-dirge for loss of the sea.

If heart of the Giver hurt more than the child,

Oh, why then does silence endure?

Our eye is the heart, our image the pain—

Our salve come only by sleep.

But dreams will awake and forgetfulness flee,

And mem’ries return with silent review.

The whale divides the water

And leaves it again to close.

But not so merciful, the passage of one

Who came to leave her song,

And left a wake forever vacant—

An echo of laughter and joy;

A longing, a love;

A reminder of a world forsaken and dreary.

Talk With the Heart

I talk with my heart at the end of the day—

Anoint it with reason from wisdom’s store.

Excuses, it cries in plaintive whines,

All will be healed if you simply restore.

I wish I could, come echoing sobs.

As much as I might, it cannot be.

Then stop the memories, mercy I ask—

Or pain will cause this mortal to flee.

Oh, heart, how little you see!

Oh, heart, how much you feel!

The logic of love wasn’t given to you;

Only its feelings—Its pleasures or pain.

Oh, heart, how little you see!

Oh, heart, how much you feel!

An ointment for you I cannot find,

Nor feelings dim, nor wisdom heal.

Your Flowers

I primp and feed the flowers you grew,

But yet they droop in the absence of you.

They not but drink the tears that I cry,

For still they remember the days gone by.

Shall I pluck them at once and be done—

Their suffering gone, their liberty won?

Or leave them be to slowly die—

Bereft of your touch from days gone by.

The Beauty of Heaven

They say the good die young;

And echoes this truth the passing of those

Who came and smiled and showed us Heaven,

Then turned from us to travel back.

No wonder, the beauty found therein,

In Heaven, where angels dwell!

For fairest of those who come to us

Again are taken back!

The Song of Brief Mortality

For whom do you weep?—

Surely not for me;

For, in angels’ arms

I have returned again

To that Glorious Light of Love,

Forgotten by mind, but remembered by spirit—

And therefore sought, by loving and laughing,

By singing and dancing and giving—

Sought, unknowingly, by all mortals.

And now I seek no more.

While there, I depended on you

To give me life and love.

But God has shown His will

And now your charge is finished—

Unless at last to release me to my joy,

And that you in turn may travel on

Seeking again that Glorious Light

By laughing, by loving, and giving.


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    • RedElf profile image

      RedElf 6 years ago from Canada

      Beautiful and powerful. I found your poems deeply moving.