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Faith and Healing: haiku and a poem

Updated on January 27, 2016



You cannot see ches-

nuts in the

dark, but they are there.


The sweet, sad song of

faith, still sung

despite everything.

The disciples said, “But we only have…”

Jesus lifted what

they had up

and gave thanks to God.

The Temple Curtain was Split

When Christ died power

was released

into all the world.


At the heart of pain

is the

power the world needs.

Pilate asked, “What is truth?”

Truth: the thing the soul

needs to be

in order to live.


Truth: will always seek;

it will stand

for no substitute.

Why try?

Perfection? No. But

beauty? Yes --

Which the Greeks called truth.

St. Paul said, “All that matters is a new creation.”

The shattered pieces

of my self:

rebuilt in this NOW.


…is the verb to love:

knowing what

is yours, what is mine.

Justified by Faith

You are. Now care for

and live the

life you were given.



powerful than hope

is desire.

“Your faith has made you well.”

Trauma’s Gifts

Discipline, focus,


compassion, wisdom.

At the End

Last judgment: did you

spend your life

asleep at the wheel?

If we ask,

Love, which is hope in
life, always
will make, find a way.


Look at them. They will

tell you who

you are, what you need.

Autumn Comes Like Healing Comes

Slowly: the extra

blanket, the

first cool morning air.

How would

The stories of our

lives change if

we let our wounds speak?

New Moon’s Medicine/November 2011

I have decided

that the cure

for fear is desire

Healing II

We cannot go back.

What can we

build with what is left?

Hana said, “The cells remember.”

They remind us who

we were and

what we can become.

The Whole Way

There are wounds that are

carried all

the way to the grave.

Something will Happen

When you recognize that you need something,

Something will happen.

When you are tired of being in pain, being tired, being sad, being angry, being numb, being addicted,

Something will happen.

When you realize that “Blessed are the poor” means you,

Something will happen.

When you don’t want to be stuck anymore,

Something will happen.

When you are ready to be a mature adult,

Something will happen.

When you don’t want to make excuses anymore,

Something will happen.

When you wish for a life that is more authentic,

Something will happen.

When you take a risk,

Something will happen.

When you remember that Jesus said, “Pick up YOUR cross,”

Something will happen.

When you cannot take one more moment of exhaustion or grief or loneliness,

Something will happen.

When you are ready to give up everything in order to truly live,

Something will happen.

When you want to be equip for every good work, like Paul says,

Something will happen.

When you want to lead a sane and sober life,

Something will happen.

When you stop fooling yourself about the reality of your life,

Something will happen.

When you take all these moments to Almighty God,

Who created you with a purpose and will love you through everything and who will never give up on you and who will shepard you through the treacherous territory of healing, guiding you back to your true self slowly enough so that you can absorb and live safely the changes that come with healing,

Something will happen.

Thanks be to God.


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    • whonunuwho profile image


      2 years ago from United States

      A very inspirational work my friend and blessings on this chilly Winter day. whonu


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