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Health Education, Environment

Updated on January 17, 2020

Global Warming

Mother Earth is grieving in danger,
As temperatures keep growing wilder
As greed and green greed champion today;
Mother Nature moves from green to grey
All because of global warming.

As man keeps destroying Mother Earth
True, he is destroying many births.
As deforestation and greenhouses persist,
Earth lovers too must insist
To educate and send global warming warnings.

Our climate is unpredictable and bad
Our rains have gone miles; flooding and mad
Rivers and streams are drying up
Please all this must stop!
Our future will never be like grandpa’s past.

Dress Code

Show me your friend
Be him a fiend
I shall truly tell
Who you are girl.

Dress maketh a man,
So said a woman
To her fourteen-year-old
Who dresses out of code.

Like some hungry lions,
In dire need to triumph
Over their dinner prey,
So men go without prayer
And without invitation
To devour girls caused by fashion.

Always dress decent
But not like a saint
First for your dignity
Then your personality.


The wild man-mountain of disease is approaching
The strong heatwaves are advancing
The endless sand storms are devastating
Bringing death due to desertification.

The ugly gullies are widening
Young plants are withering
And like an Arithmetic book
The soil has been given a bad new look

Stop! Halt the felling
Drop! Stop the burning
Start! Commence with replanting
Go! Start the greening
Care and use rationally
Practice and consume sustainably.

The Chameleon Girl

O, chameleon girl
No tongue can tell
You’re adapted to all
This is your flaw1.

Your beauty now comes and goes
And all friends turn to foes2
When the seasonal beauty that came now goes
And all become worthless in the name of oaths.

Chameleon beauty, like the moon, comes at dust3
And dies or sleeps at dawn
Ready to resurrect at dust
For it’s off and on.

Halt! Stop and drop,
Mixtures of lotions upon mixtures
Mixtures of acids,
Fermented iron and metals
Ruinous to the heart and body.

oh, chameleon boy,

Show us another colour
Release another odour
For life, itself is multiple in colour.


The attitude of lust
Lingers like particles of dust
Searching for gratification
In a life of no specification.

Lust generates illicit desires,
Makes the body hot like fire
To the trap so invisible and fatal
To be beheld1 by eyes of mortals2.

It moves in silence.
Its subtle chains make you restless
For once caught in its trap,
It’s hard to break out.

Lust is the chief of all thieves,
Often rains the mind with grieves
Cos it robes you of opportunities
Then turns you to a nonentity.


For over thirty years,
The fight is still in tears
But through prayers, I know
Someday, so soon you’ll go.

Young men and women stigmatized,
Millions of innocence, traumatized
Hundreds daily walk the grave
As you boast to be so brave.

While science warriors fight you,
Mrs. Collins and others counsel too
Abstinence, fidelity, condom
Else you’ll not see God’s kingdom.

So Good to be Good

We the conscious and the innocents,
We the sad but with a happy conscience,
They the literates and the illiterates,
They the poor but with so happy traits,
We who powered his elbow forward
So that we could move ever onward,
We who loved his talents and sweet tongue
To bring from the Nation House the long,
The long-awaited manna for us all,
We who pushed him up the grace ladder,
Now with iron guts does he less bother?

Like a happy lizard knocks his head
For having fought to raise his own head,
One he brought and away with two-third.
Now do I know in man dwelleth two opposites

A friend and a flatterer that’s it.
Whereas he was so good,
So good to be true, so good to be good.

The Natural Law

The old must give way to the young
So Tennyson1 wrote many years long.
But in this country of ours,
The young have greyed and gone sour
While the old are still there oh!

They are the eagles that rival the sun,
The fathers who disregard their sons.
Rocks unmoved by strong ocean currents
Mothers who have sworn never to relent
‘Wise men’ who keep their wisdom oh no

But remember,
Every age its realities
Every epoch its adaptabilities
Change is constant
So do not stand
Else like a fool,
You will be booed2.

© 2020 Amazing Goal


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    • T col profile imageAUTHOR

      Amazing Goal 

      16 months ago from United state of American


    • Brenda Arledge profile image


      16 months ago from Washington Court House

      Thess poems are quite good!

      Might I suggest you break these up to different ones with only a few in each article.

      Also put some videos or text capsules inside your atricles.

      You have great talent.


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