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Healthy Friendly Relationships

Updated on August 30, 2015

Ball Room Dancing

Ballroom | Source

On the Dance Floor

On that Saturday evening, I felt on the mood to go to a ballroom dancing club to test my barely acquired knowledge of dancing. I had taken a course for six months and the moment to slide the shoes and move my hands had come.

There was a short queue of a few people and before the lapse time of five minutes, I was inside the ballroom, which was filled to half its capacity by mostly women in their forties and fifties but there were a few between their 20´s and 30´´; although the ones between their 30´s and 40´s abounded. The problem to me was that I had learned to dance with young dancing partners under their 20´s.

Staring at the most noticeable ages of women, I thought;

¨I could hurt them,¨

I peered around, searching for the young ones, who were a few; they could be counted with only five hand fingers. Half of an hour later, the ballroom was almost filled to its capacity.

Dancing Partners

Dancing Partners
Dancing Partners | Source


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Guiding Her on the Dance Floor

I spotted a young girl, whom I approached and inmediately stretched out one hand; she handed me one of her hands, right away as if she were anxious to be guided on the dance floor. Evoking the dance steps from the first to the fifth, I started guiding and pulling her hands gently.

In the middle of the song my memory clould not recall the dance step s after the nfifth, so I just repeated the steps from the first to fifth until the song ended. When the song stopped, she thanked me and took her sit with other young girls.

"Well, I didn't do it too bad at all," I said with relief.

Before the next piece of music, I had already chosen a young dance partner, but like bees to honey, all the girls were inundated by anxious male dancers who came from nowhere. I remained standing and looking at the dancing partners going to the dance floor. I realized that if I wanted to dance with a chosen partner, I had to be very fast, like a lightning strike!

"Do you want to dance?"I asked one girl.

"I have a dancing partner," she answered decently, as she grabbed a male hand, stretching from aside of me.

I continued standing at the same spot, but soon, a woman in between her 30ś and 40ś approached me.

"Aren't you going to dance?" she inquired with sorrow.

"All the women were picked up very quickly by other dancers,"I answered desolately.

Dancing Steps

Dancing | Source

Asking a Woman to Dance

"Is this the first time you come here?" she asked with incredulity.

"Yes, itś the very first time,"

"I have never seen you before, " she added.

Without waitng for an answer, she asked;

"Aren't you going to ask me to dance?"

"Yes, of course!" I answered joyfully.

We began dancing, but I noticed that her hands were more resistant to obey my pulls. She even gave some pulls that I had not experience with, however, I managed to complement my dancing knowledge with hers.

I thanked her when the song finished and was going to take my place on the ball, but she remained besides me and said;

"Would you like to sit on my table?"

I signaled positively with my head.

We became dancing partners from then on......

Being Honest

The following weekend after the dancing session, I walked her to the subway station that would take her to her home.

¨I liked the way you led me on the dance floor, ¨ she affirmed sincerely.

¨I only followed the dancing steps I learned at the dancing school, ¨ I answered unpretentiously.
¨You are a better dancer than the other partner I had been dancing with, she affirmed genuinely.

¨Really, ¨ I wondered.

¨Yeah, my other partner would not guide me faultlessly, as you do, ¨ she asserted frankly.

¨That is good to know, it dignifies me completely, ¨ I said truthfully.

¨I knew you were different from the very first time I saw you, ¨ she confirmed.

¨Honestly, we can become good friends if you want. ¨ she inquired straightforward.

¨I accept and thank you for having being honest to me, ¨ I declared looking straight to her eyes.

Separate Accounts

Separate Accounts
Separate Accounts | Source

Weekend Outings and Pleasant Chats

We stopped at a fast food restaurant to get something to eat for that night. By the time we got the the cashier, I was about to pull the money bills out from m y pocket, but she prevented me from doing it by placing her hand on mine and uttered;

¨From now on, you pay your bills and I pay mine; we can get along together this way, I assure you,¨ she stated with assuredness.

¨For a brief instant, a thought of relief crossed my mind. There was some kind of mysteriousness and exactitude in the way she was leading me into a friendly relation that I had never experienced.

This was the start of a friendly relation, in which both of us enjoyed being in the company of someone whose sole interest was having weekend outings and pleasant chats. We visited museums, restaurants, cafes, parks and dedicated one day of the week to practice dancing at a nightclub.

Crying woman

Crying woman
Crying woman | Source


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Sad Story

A few weeks later, she recounted a sad story about her life; which would shake even the hardest soul. she had been induced by her mother to get married to an older man and got pregnant at a very young age. From then on, she got pregnant four consecutive times to give birth to her three daughters and a boy.

This pasage of her life had been very sad for her, but the saddest event of this uneven relation was the trauma she had been through when her older husband took her to social parties and instead of enjoying a dancing night with her, he would invite other women to dance and she would just remain there looking. That day, she wetted my shirt with her tears.

¨What a luck! ¨I thought.

¨This has happened to me several times, ¨ I recalled, passing my hand over her hair.

Uninterested Friendly Relationship

¨Would you like to come to my home for lunch, ¨ a voice said on my cellular phone.

I looked at my watch and responded;

¨I´ll be there in 20 minutes. In less than that, I was knocking at her door. She opened the door and let me in. I met her family; daughters and son for the first time.

This uninterested friendly relation has continued since then; we even became neighbors, when she bought a piece of land just half of a km from mine.


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