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Heart Attack - It Strikes When Least Expected!

Updated on September 24, 2009
Cardiac Care Unit. Image Source:
Cardiac Care Unit. Image Source:

A heated argument comes to an abrupt halt. My mother stands grasping her chest. Words of fury turn to whimpers of pain. Pain overwhelms her self and she collapses. The situation is still tense but for a different reason.

“Why don’t you take care of that diabetes? Don’t you still know what to consume and what not to?”

Indigestion as always is a source of gastric problems. Gas and gastric problems are source of various contradicting pains. Pain, that is in contradiction to other ailments.

“Gas, that’s what it is. Let me get you some medicine”. The pain was too arrogant to subside.

 “This is a gastric problem,” the Ayurveda practitioner proclaimed with a glee. Ayurvedic tablets were administered to curtail the problem. He went ahead to check the blood pressure too, with a digital sphygmomanometer.

“Does this guy know to use it efficiently? God! Why is the reading always the same?” the thought struck me like lightning. He kept fidgeting with the somewhat cheap-buy-kind-of instrument.

“Could it be a heart problem?”

“No, No, not to worry, this is indigestion. Let her take this tablet as well, it is for the heart. Her blood pressure seems normal,” the genius inferred.

The clock showed five minutes past ten, mother continued to display pain. Her face clearly indicated it. “Do you think we take her to the hospital,” I blurted out the question rather sarcastically. Displeasure showed on my father’s face. Had I offended Ayurveda, doubting its healing abilities or cracked a wrongly timed bad joke about my healthy but sick mother? God alone knows.

Yes, GOD alone should have come to her rescue that pathetic day. Having endured pain through the afternoon, through the evening and through the night, she was diagnosed with heart attack during the dawn. Worst still she had walked down to the nearby 24/7 community center, two streets away, for the diagnosis. No it was not the clown who had visited the previous evening, but the ECG equipment that rang the warning bells.

It was only by eight in the morning the following day, a sick eighteen hours since being struck down by pain that she was under ICU care in a hospital capable of handling heart care cases.

The GOLDEN HOUR was lost. The lost time denied her the possibility of administering medication that would have prevented additional damage to the heart. The medication needs to be administered within an hour of the attack. The severity of the attack would have been normalized. Devoid of corrective medication, the heart took a real beating and was left scarred and damaged. Despite these odds, she survived.

While life already hangs by a thin line, the line is made thinner by misdeeds of ordinary mortals. While the best of equipment have been invented by the best, the simpler of the simplest decisions are taken by the ordinary of the ordinary. Decisions or equipments, certain greater powers decide whether it’s your time to go.


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