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Goodbye Quotes for Him from Her

Updated on December 15, 2015
Goodbye Photo Quotes
Goodbye Photo Quotes

Never Say Goodbye Quotes

The following heart touching sayings and quotes for goodbye and farewell are full with love and care, hope you will enjoy these short phrases. Saying goodbye the one we love is the most painful and hardest thing we do when we are deeply in love. It's easy to say but very hard to do because whether we like it or not deep in our heart we still hope and wait that someday they will love us the way we love them. Honestly, we don't learn how to let go we just learn how to accept and keep the feelings until one day; one person will come in our life and heal all the pain we felt.

Goodbye Quotes for Boyfriend:

  1. Today I say goodbye to my past and let go. It’s a long hard road ahead, but I have no choice but to move forward. I can do it, deep breath I can do this!
  2. For me, it takes a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye. But some people say goodbye in no time. I don’t know how they can do it so easily.
  3. It's sad to say goodbye to being home but a lot lies ahead of us and we will see everyone again soon!
  4. I hate saying goodbye. I'll miss you more than you'll ever know.
  5. I am not saying thank you or someone checking their phone while talking to you, it seems our manners are getting worse! Tell us what sort of bad manners really annoy you.
  6. I cannot say goodbye to you, my friend. It's just too hard to do. But instead I will say that I will miss you so much, it hurts and that I can't wait to see you later.
  7. We live in the world that is fast pace and it doesn't leave us with much time for anything. We wake up each day with a list of things to do that probably won't get finished. We began to lose track of things that are important to us until a phone call puts things into perspective. I hold the people who are right in front of me dearly and those who are not, I put on the back burner. Not realizing a lifetime pass. In other words, I'm going home to say goodbye to my Mom. I love you and I'm sorry.
  8. I said it before and I will say it again, trust no one but yourself, don't get suckered in by their innocent charming ways, once a liar always a liar, once two faced always and will never change.
  9. I find it hard to say goodbye but as I look back at this life I just have to say goodbye.
  10. So many things you just got to let go it won't be easy, but you have to keep pushing forward this is why it's hard to say goodbye.
  11. When people speak your name and my heart hurt badly, I truly miss you dearly. I can't seem to move on because you changed the man inside me. I will always love and miss you until we meet again.
  12. If you have failures of hope, create faith upon your achievement to set your goals and make your dreams come true, don’t lose hope in life.
  13. There is a faith in the breakup, but there is no faith in goodbye.
  14. I don't know what I love you means when there is goodbye.
  15. I hate about all kinds of goodbye, just say hello to me instead of goodbye.
  16. How did you feel when you said goodbye? What were your dreams when you close your eyes? Do you know how many years an eye can cry? Will you sing me one last song? Because now you will be gone for forever.
  17. I have some mixed feelings about tomorrow. I am turning over a new page in my life, a page that was a long time coming! But, it's never easy to say goodbye, especially if you're me.
  18. It's hard to put the love aside and say goodbye to someone you love, even if it might be for the best.
  19. If I could make one wish that would be to see you one more time. I know you are looking down at me, but it’s hard to look up when I never got the chance to say goodbye.
  20. As I say goodbye to such a wonderful person I cherish all the memories he installed in my mind to last a lifetime.
  21. Her eyes were soft with sorrow and I don’t know how to say goodbye.
  22. Don't ever take your friends and family for granted. Make sure you tell them you love them before it’s too late to say goodbye.
  23. There is nothing higher, nothing sweeter, no better influence than the influence of goodbye.
  24. It hurts when some1 leave you for no reason. It’s hard when you build your dreams realizing she has built her own without you.
  25. I would love to leave for good and make a fresh start somewhere else where no one knows me with a new way of life.
  26. Sometimes a goodbye leads to a new season of enjoying and love where you can ignore the bad thing and take a new start with new people in a new way with new ideas.
  27. Always remember that saying a goodbye with tears is better than saying a goodbye in fear.
  28. Saying goodbye is the hardest part but the hope to see you soon makes it better.
  29. The last time I saw her was this past summer. As I walked away from what I knew was probably the last time I would ever see her, I stopped and turned toward her and she rose up her hand in goodbye, and with her sparkling eyes wide and bright and a big smile on her sweet face, she waved and said, "Have a wonderful life!" That's her last wish for me.
  30. Goodbye is a hurting thing, but sometimes it's a second chance.
  31. Sometimes it’s better to say goodbye to someone when they hardly talk to you, anyway so why to keep this relation.
  32. Even though I couldn't make the memorial today I just couldn't say goodbye to her.

Does it's so hard say goodbye?

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    • Quoteslover profile imageAUTHOR

      Quotes Lover 

      5 years ago

      Thanks both of you

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 

      5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Interesting quotes !

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 

      5 years ago from San Francisco

      Thank you for this.


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