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Heart of Adventure Part 6 - Revival

Updated on June 13, 2012

by J.C. Delfino III

Part 1-3 (Called the East Way Chronicles)

Part 4

Part 5

Malfattore walked across the large library he had converted into his creation room. In the center of the room was a tall coffin pedestal, but on top of it lay a man who should have been inside a coffin. The man’s chest had been crushed and one of his arms was missing.

The smell of death hung heavy on the air.

Behind the pedestal stood two large zombies, both had once been strong men, now they were Malfattore's personal guards. Bits of skin and muscle were missing on both, in places the bones were showing though, peeking out like bleached eyeballs. Both men had long ago been drained of all of the blood from their bodies so the skin was ghastly white and tight against their remaining muscles and bones. Their hair was thinning and absent in some places, eventually they would rot completely away and become nothing but animated skeletons.

Malfattore walked behind the pedestal to where a small table stood with a large old book on the top of it. He began to read the writing in the book out loud, waving his arms in large circles in the air. Light began to flow from under the dead man's eyelids. Slowly a finger moved, and then another, and another, finally the whole hand rose an inch off the pedestal and clenched then released a fist.

"Arise, Arise, ARISE!"

Finally the creature, for it was no longer a man, did arise. It rose itself slowly up from the pedestal. It raised its remaining arm at Malfattore. Its bloodied mouth opened in a silent scream.

"Be still." Malfattore said.

The creature lowered its arm and stared at Malfattore waiting his next command.

Malfattore flipped the pages of his book toward the end of it and began chanting another series of commands. He began moving his hands as if he were molding clay on a potter’s wheel. The creature began to shake, and its undead neck snapped and slid over to its left shoulder, the skin underneath flowing like lava to keep the head attached to the body. A tumor began to for on its right shoulder growing larger and appearing snakelike as it lengthened. On the end formed a row of teeth, shark-like and razor sharp.

Part 7


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