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Heart Poems: The Arrogant Male. .

Updated on April 12, 2017

The arrogant male

You need to know....

You are just a phase,

A temporary craze,

I'll admit just a gaze,

Left me in a daze..


But it was never an emotional maze,

Nothing that set my soul ablaze,

Or difficult memory to erase..

Was a simple liase,

A rendezvous undeserving of cheer or praise,

Just thought I should clear the haze

And your nerves gently graze..

Through verse and phrase.

A poem about the arrogant male

We know him well ladies..."God's gift to women" so taken up in his arrogance he failed to notice the Very practiced oohs and aahhs.

Beneath my feet is where you'll find him
Beneath my feet is where you'll find him
How you make me feel!!
How you make me feel!!


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