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HeartPoems101: Stroke

Updated on June 1, 2017


He asked me to lie down

And so I did

“Make yourself comfortable” he said

And so. .i did

“ Never take your eyes off me”

And then. .

He touched me. . .

Capturing the softness of my hair

Bringing its fineness to life. . .

My heart was racing I knew

One look at me and he would see it there. .

He outlined my jaw with an experts sweep

Easily finding the hollows in my face

And then. .

He looked into my eyes only briefly looking away

He captured their intensity. .their depth

I hoped not their heat. .

I knew I should leave before it went too far

Before I lost myself completely

I was starting to melt. . . .

But. . .

I wanted this man to know me

Feel every inch of my body

Turn me inside out.

I could feel it. .

The warmth in his eyes,

The tenderness of his touch,

So I stayed. .

Watching his eyes sweep all over my body

Following every curve,

A sensual caress. . .

And I let him.

I let him consume me.

I let him know me.

He inhaled deeply

A regretful sigh?

He met my eyes again. .. .

And this time he smiled,

“Nice work he said,” picking up his paint brushes

And lifting his canvas,

“Same time next week?”

“Next week” I repeated faintly

As I watched him walk away.

He did this every time we met

He came, he saw, he touched me with every stroke. . .

Of his paint brush,

Then he left.

And every time we looked into each other’s eyes. . .

In mine was love,

In his. . . . Fear.

I feel you. . .in every stroke
I feel you. . .in every stroke
Will i ever stop hiding my feelings?
Will i ever stop hiding my feelings?


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