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Heartbreak City

Updated on June 22, 2016

Life Lessons

Life was very good for Nadine. She was attending college to become a teacher. Nadine was preparing to begin her last semester of college where she would be a student teacher. It was the summer of 1998. Nadine was young and ready to begin her life and a wonderful career as a teacher. She reconnected with a friend from high school during the summer of 1998. Her friend, Bryce, was handsome, intelligent, funny, and outgoing.

Nadine started just talking with Bryce and truly enjoyed their conversations. She had boyfriends during college but nothing too serious because she was a busy college student who was struggling to survive. Dating was on the back burner right now for Nadine. Well, that was the case until Bryce came along.

Bryce was just the man that Nadine had been searching for throughout her entire life. He was sweet and sincere. Bryce treated Nadine with the utmost respect. They both enjoyed doing the same activities. Nadine loved to camp, hike, and fish. Bryce lived to do those activities as well.

Nadine was so much in love with Bryce that she moved in with him at the end of the summer. He had a roomate but he kept to himself for the most part. He was friendly but reserved. Nadine loved her life in their little apartment together. She was madly and deeply in love with Bryce. Nothing could change that, or so she thought!

Nadine couldn't be happier. She was about to graduate from college with a degree. Nadine also lived with the love of her life. Bryce spoiled her on many occassions. He loved taking her to fancy restaurants and buying her expensive gifts. They spent so much time together. Bryce and Nadine both loved watching movies of the comedy nature. They both loved to laugh together, too.

There was no sign of trouble until one night Bryce asked Nadine if she wouldn't mind spending a night away from their apartment. She thought that this request was a little strange but she truly didn't mind at all. Bryce had told Nadine that he wasn't going to be home and he really didn't want her to spend the night with his roommate alone. He trusted her completely, however, he didn't want her to be bored while he was away. Bryce had suggested that she go out with some friends for the night. Nadine didn't want to go out with friends all she wanted to do was spend time with Bryce. After all, he was the love of her life. Nadine would do anything to make Bryce happy.

Bryce started acting strange after his night out. Nadine became suspicious because he wasn't as talkative as he used to be. Bryce suggested to Nadine that they spend some time apart. Nadine was flabbergasted. She thought that their relationship was wonderful and she didn't want anything to change. Nadine reluctantly agreed with Bryce's request. She moved out of their apartment taking along with her a heavy heart.

Nadine was not ready to begin living on her own. She tried several times to call Bryce and he never seemed to be home. Nadine left several messages on his answering machine but he never returned any of her calls. How could someone who seemed to be so deeply in love with her not want to talk with her anymore? Did Bryce have a heart? How could his feelings for her die so quickly? What did Nadine do wrong? She was incredibly confused.

Nadine's confusion quickly escalated one day when she received a letter in the mail from Bryce. How did he even know where she lived? Nadine thought about that question and finally realized that Bryce must have gotten her address utilizing the phone number that she had called him from. That is technology at its finest, thought Nadine.

Nadine's whole world came crashing down when she read the letter from Bryce. He no longer wanted to share his life with her. Bryce wrote about life being a dance and learning as you go in the letter. He also wrote about how you can't make a heart love someone. Nadine just couldn't believe what she was reading. It all felt like some crazy dream that she truly wanted to wake up and forget. The dream that Nadine referred to as Heartbreak City.


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    • marlenejns profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Michigan

      Guys are difficult to understand.

    • Paradise7 profile image


      7 years ago from Upstate New York

      It seems so true. I'll never understand guys completely. Just about the time the woman's love is deepening to a life-long love, the guy gets bored and wants to move on. The only explanation is, men are hunters and are always looking for new game.

    • marlenejns profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Michigan


    • karowaki profile image


      7 years ago

      Good structure and flow..carry on the good work!!


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