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Sad Broken Heart Quotes for Him

Updated on August 23, 2015

Yes my heart is broken

Broken Heart Quotes for facebook Status
Broken Heart Quotes for facebook Status

Broken Heart Quotes for guys

If you are a heartbroken guy than the following cute love quotes and Facebook statuses about broken hearts may heal your wounds of breakup. For more satisfaction about your move on, you can show it to your ex girlfriend by post these phrases on your Facebook status or Tumblr as well.

Mend a Broken Heart Quotes:

  1. Sometimes I actually feel sad, somewhere things changed and you left. I always blame myself, but I did all I could, at least it was more than anyone else did for you. Please don’t look at me with the sarcastic smile anymore, it actually does hurt me. Why would you want to hurt me on top of not needing me anymore?
  2. The past is the past. There is no reason to go back to see if there is something missing; I love this new life I am living!
  3. Without you I feel as if the world is throwing stones at me and I don't know how to deal with this.
  4. There will always be someone who will try to hinder you, hurt you, to be rude with you, to be insensitive to you, he will try to humiliate you because he does not know that under your smile there is so much suffering, he will treat you bad free of charge. So, you must always go on, believe in yourself, and never let yourself down. Otherwise, you will feed the macabre the sense of joy to someone who hurts you.
  5. I had another 'certain' dream again. It involved two other certain persons. Please, do not come back into my life. I'm already managing one; I finally got rid of you a year ago.
  6. To whom it may concern: sleeping with a broken heart is a heavy thing. But how do you load it, there is a sea that washes away everything and gives a hope for tomorrow. That sea is faith. I hope tomorrow rise with healing.
  7. When two hearts meet they walked hand in hand on the silent beach hugged and had the first kiss than their soul became one, he promised to keep her happy and never make her cry. She felt he was the one that carried her broken heart and fixed it back again. But when he asked her to leave from his life, he has crushed her heart and left her speechless to never fall in love again.
  8. True love never looks back at the side of another, trust, commitment and the ability to change one another despite our weakness. Pain is the greatest tool of love.
  9. I have learnt life's too short to have too much pride to fix a problem with someone dearly close to you even if you don't feel you were wrong.
  10. That you left me does not mean that I am living with a broken heart; it means that God has just reduced my wrong friends.
  11. I regret hollow out of my heart and making room for memories. I cannot leave behind your memories no matter how hard I try.
  12. Well, it takes time to recover from a broken heart but still I can’t forget the past memories with thou. And I shall admit it, that it will make me to be more and more careful until I can't find the way to feel the sense of faith in love anymore.
  13. Sometimes you have to go through hard times, so many tears, and more heart break, heartache, and pain before you actually find that one true person.
  14. Don’t ever give up hope, you're going to lose it sometimes, and the light at the end of the tunnel may not look so bright, but that light will shine brightly when it's supposed to.
  15. Don't be afraid to lose me. Be afraid of not holding on while you could. Everything ends, including life and love, so we lose either way. A broken heart or a broken neck looks the same to Karma.
  16. An apology doesn’t mend broken heart, so the only way is to be truthful to your partner, after you must have survived the acid bath.
  17. Someone just please save me from all these tears and heartache. I'm dying inside and there is nothing I can do.
  18. Love is a thing that stays in your heart but if your heart is broken the love falls out of the cracks and is lost sometimes. It comes back sometimes and sometimes it doesn't.
  19. Falling in love was so unexpected, especially with a broken heart.
  20. They want my heart to be broken and give up, but that’s never going to happen because my love is strong.
  21. If you really love someone, hold on tight and never let go because they will never come back.
  22. Sometime a wound to the heart can be so deep and painful than it ceases to go away, it’s said that a broken heart has no spare parts but it has a cure and that’s love, for only love can mend a broken heart.
  23. You may see my face, but you'll never see my heart with all its bruised and cracks from being broken. No, I'll keep that to myself.
  24. When someone tells you that they need space and it’s not forever, it means that you have to suffer the pain of not contacting the person you love until they are ready to talk! By then they just want to say its over and never see you again!
  25. I know the advantage of having a broken heart, before the heart break it focuses on only one person and actually the world rotates there but after,,,,, Each piece of the broken heart finds its own person and at the end of the day you are safe and you don’t fear losing because you have a variety and surely life is best when you have got options.
  26. The entrance to my heart has been closed since my heart has been broken, but I know there is a key that dwells out there somewhere. There are many keys that won’t fit, but the day the right key unlocks the door I will love until my dying day. I will submit and be a loving spouse and trust, honor and respect as I should.
  27. I am so saddened by the fact that individuals who you think are your friends and act supportive can be cunning and throw the knife in the back before you even turn around.
  28. All these thoughts run through my head. Remembering everything you said. Everyone says it will just take time, but the hardest thing to handle is you were never mine.
  29. The heart is the strongest organ in the body, its hurts, broken and squashed but it still accommodates more and more, I am sorry my heart.

Are you living with a broken heart?

Do you still believe in love?

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Moving on with a broken heart

If you are living your journey unconditionally with all your heart and soul, fearlessly and in a state of surrender, in the end the only thing that matters is how peaceful are you. After a point no pain, no failure, no broken relationships and incomplete love, success, money, fame can take the place of peace from within.


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    • profile image

      Justin Farmer 

      5 years ago

      A letter to my Ex:-D

      Dear Ex, I gave up on you not because I didn’t love you, I had loved you since day one of our dating and you were a complete person but I had got tired of hurting me, fooling me, giving me fake promises, wasting my time, playing with my feelings, not caring about me, playing with my delicate heart, I had got tired of crying and pleading over a heartless person like you and I had got tired of giving me fake endless excuse all the time. I am happy were I am. Thanks of giving me space to find such loving, caring partner. Yours ME

    • profile image

      Ashley James 

      5 years ago

      I don't know what it means to break a heart but I know what it feels to be heart broken. To myself this is my written apology for not being the person I was meant to be. For what are words that have gone unspoken Allowing fear to cage your , courage broken . Who am I just another person born without an identity .

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      how can you forget the person you really loved before it even a single blank message makes you fall in love once more!

    • profile image

      Jennifer Santos 

      5 years ago

      I don't hate youu because youu not love me now but i want to sorry because I still loving you

    • profile image

      Delores Gray 

      5 years ago

      You don’t need to level up yourself or your character to impress by the others to be appreciated. Just remain simple and be true to your self because true people with true love will embrace the real you and will never ask the best in you.


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