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Heartfelt Poetry: Untitled

Updated on January 29, 2017


Feeling numb without my love. Twisted faded overcome...
With emotion, when I contemplate his embrace.
Standing right before me... I assimilate his everything, his, his face, his aura, his grace. Then as if running an Olympic race...he fades. Gone, see you till the next time.
Till the next tip tap conversation, typing on the screen.

Back to her
Back to me
Back to us
Back to we
Then back to her
Then it's back to typing 143...instead of i love you, 143. Then back to her, back to me.

Typing on the screen
Tip tap
False emotion
Artificial devotion
She got the ring
I got a ring....ring ring ring when I ring his phone. All I hear is some robotic monotone. Please leave a message after the tone. Man forget this, I'm done with this. But then again I'm addicted to his kiss. Addicted to temporary bliss, to this...what is it ?
What is it ? Exactly, it's just it.

Midnight conversations, whispers in the dark. Twisted tale of words he'll be gone till November and then.. Back again. With rhetoric like my love, my tiny, my girl . Aaah this is just a whirlwind. I have this desire to stay, but I know I should leave this...twisted reality...unrealistic never ending fantasy . Fantasy is what I want but I reality is what I need. A huge dose of reality pie. Serve it up on a plate and let me devour the real ness cuz I need it. Lord knows I need it.

Then again... I need him.
Want or need ? Nah I need his sweet nectar, captured my spirit, infectious, good gracious, infectious. When he's absent I'm slowly dying, lying in bed encapsulated in darkness I need his light. I need my love, when he is absent I'm numb. Inebriated till I'm dumb.
8 years of loving, lusting, weeping waling, wondering. We on again, we off again. 366 days more of silence.
Baby come back... Come back I need you.

Note: This poem is copyrighted, any attempt to steal duplicate its content will be dealt with legally. Please contact me on if you would like to collaborate or use my content on your blog. Follow me on instagram on my person page @abenatalks


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