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Heartfelt Poetry

Updated on September 18, 2014

Personal Poetry

Still Movement

I create a thousand words,

I am often still,

I vary in color,

I occasionally create powerful statements,

I create a unique perspective,

With age I stay at a constant popularity rate,

What Am I?

A photograph

Personal Poetry(cont.)

Ring!, Ring!

Heart-stopping dial tone,

Picture suppresses thoughts of us,

Your voice produces a tear,

A tear containing my best memories,

Memories you and I created,

The memories I fear,

The memories I treasured,

But you ruined them,

With a man,

But not just any man,

A neglectful and selfish man,

A man of grave importance to me,

My best friend,

Or should I refer to him as an appropriate term,

..."My brother",

Through all your "sorry" statements,

And all your crap,

I gave YOU a second chance,

A chance with opportunity,

A chance for redemption,

Instead you run away,

To where?,

I do not know,

Implying to this call,

A call of suspicion from both sides,

I was about ready to take you back once more,

But then suddenly a voice interacted with us,

A voice from her line,

It was a man,

First claiming to be her father,

Not knowing her father is dead,

She pronounces her regret,

I felt torn but indifferent,

Indifferent towards her actions,

And torn from me trusting her,

The question that wandered through my mind was,

Who was this man?,

Was it a man she just met?


It was my brother.

Love Poetry

The Train Station

Choo! Choo!,

The sound I could not bear,

The sound of separation,

I clenched my arms around her,

Holding her close,

Our shoulders drenched from the aching pain,

She had no choice,

It was inevitable,

Then I pulled her away and stared deeply into her eyes,

I could feel that she did not want to go,

Her eyes surround by the red concave circles,

Our heads sank into each other's chest,

Causing a slight headbutt,

We slowly looked up until our lips met,

A slowly passionate kiss ensued,

Seconds felt like years,

A final goodbye expressing the love we felt for one another,

Choo! Choo!

The unbearable sound again!,

It was the sound of departure,

She had to leave,

As my hand slipped away,

I grabbed hold of it for one last goodbye,

I dipped her and gave it my all,

I never saw her after that,

After the kiss I was in a trance,

That trance left me stranded in a still moment,

Our love was indescribable.

Beautiful Flower

You are my sunshine,

The air I wish to breathe,

I hope you never leave,

You make me believe,

Believe in myself,

The first to make me free,

You are my light,

For you I will fight,

Like a beautiful flower,

You are not sour,

But you do decrease my power,

Will you please accept this rose,

And be my beautiful flower?


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