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Heavenly Meadow (Christina Grimmie Tribute)

Updated on May 30, 2017
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I am a spoken word (nerd) artist. Decided to take my writing to the next level this year and now I want more people to hear my work.

Dear Christina, I didn’t know you as a person but when I got wind of your passing my heart started hurtin’.

She had a voice that could slay any beat and her music got people in the dancing spirit like the penguins on Happy Feet.

How tragic of a fan to take an innocent life then taking his own, big brother was right there reassuring that guy got owned.

A firm believer, you brought tears to pop icon Justin Bieber.

Your name tore Instagram up, flooding twitter with heartfelt tweets, I seen you trending on facebook nearly losing my appetite to eat.

A mere bullet, a jealous nobody wielding a grimey firearm, her voicebox unarmed now she’s resting safely in God’s arms.

I heard she carried notes dissing creatively comparative cold harsh critics dispersing obstructive criticism now she’s radiantly emanating as one of the shiniest stars in the solar system.

Before hitting the stage, millions awaiting in anticipation. With her astonishing emotions, she brought the strongest set of eyes in pretty participants partial precipitation.

The sweetest soul who’d never hurt a single sole, a role model whose movie was just beginning to unfold.

It pains me to talk about such a sad subject, I wish I could’ve met Christina and maybe put together an inspirational project.

Born harnessing a fine kind charm spiraling with a phoenix’s passion, going that extra mile ridding of any oppressed depression leaving the saddest faces laughin’.

Sing on in heaven and we’ll tune into your sound our wounds heal better that way so it’d seem like she’s still around.

Rest in peace I hope I made you smile through the positive message I’m sending, a stranger turnt friend my heart holds a valuable place for you Christina Grimmie.

Thank you!


© 2017 Troy Valentine


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    • profile image

      Troy Valentine 2 months ago

      Thank you!!!

    • janshares profile image

      Janis Leslie Evans 2 months ago from Washington, DC

      Rest in peace, Christina Grimme. Nice tribute.