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Heed Your Call: A Book Summary

Updated on February 13, 2019

As I continue my pursuit of a fulfilling life, I read a book by David M. Howitt called “Heed Your Call”, which discusses how people can achieve success without succumbing to society’s ideas of what success is, and without compromising your ideals. The author is a corporate lawyer but has managed to create a satisfying life for himself. I thought he cussed a lot unnecessarily, but I wanted to record some of the points that he made that stuck with me and that I thought were worth sharing.

"John Williams", by Evonne, CC-BY, via Flickr
"John Williams", by Evonne, CC-BY, via Flickr | Source
  • One thing that has bothered me in recent years is the loss of friends that I have had for a long time because of differences in opinion. I felt horrible, but Howitt said that it’s good to make sure that you have the right people “on the bus” with you. He did say that you shouldn’t focus on getting the wrong people off, which I think I was actively doing for a while.
  • It’s good to acknowledge your dark side and faults so that you can overcome them. A lot of people will point out faults in others so that they feel better about themselves. It makes me wonder how often I do that…
  • We are all made of the same star stuff, and when a star dies, its molecules are released to the universe and support the objects within, including life on Earth. We all have a shared purpose, and want to be understood. We are not as different as we may think and we should consider that when encountering others at work or elsewhere. We should have empathy to have better work relationships, which can have better results business-wise.
  • I thought it was interesting when he mentioned studies where a person donated live cells, and when separated from the donor, and the donor was stimulated or became excited, the cells also displayed the stimulation. He mentioned these studies to show that we experience collective vibrations and are energized by stimuli that are away from us. We are connected to others in this way.
  • There is no reason not to immediately start working toward your passion.
  • Working toward your calling results in better relationships and health. When I was working for my local Police Department, I was miserable and it affected the way I interacted with others, and my attitude toward life and activities that I was usually interested in. As soon as I resigned, I felt instantly happier and more relaxed. A huge weight had been taken off of my shoulders.
  • We should not focus on the “or”, but on the “and”. We can be left-brained AND right-brained, technical and artistic, driven and creative, successful and joyful.
  • We will be happier and will experience better results if we “surrender”, and stop pushing and persisting, say to get a contract signed. (“Wu-wei” is going with the flow.)
  • You can use archetypes to help illustrate and understand your strengths, weaknesses and qualities (archetypes such as gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines from stories or films, etc.).

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In summary, the book discusses that we can be exactly what we want to be, and we don't have to choose one or the other. We can achieve a fulfilling job that we enjoy. We can be happy and accomplish the things we want.

One story that he mentioned was that of the founder of Dave's Killer Bread, which I've had before and think is delicious. He talked about how David had a troubled past and was incarcerated for burglary, doing meth and other crimes. When he got out, he created his business without doing any market studies or having any real knowledge of the business world. His business makes millions in profits each year. He learned how to embrace the "and" and learned how to be a former felon AND a successful businessman.

You may take away some additional points as well. I encourage you to read this if you are still trying to find the perfect job and need a boost to help heed your calling. Don't ignore your calling, whether it's a phone call, a job offer, or other form. It's important to be the person you want to be, today!


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