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Hellfire 'Darkness Falls' Inferno classed fighter

Updated on November 2, 2011

Inferno class fighter

The Inferno class space fighter is a relatively new stealth fighter. It is the only one of its kind in the Hellfire’s fighter compliment, and that is just by pure luck on Captain Sharman part. The Captain acquired the fighter by chance when responding to a Caridian SOS beacon just after the Caridian / Plotation war ended. The fighter was found in an old Caridian light battle cruiser; the battle cruiser was nothing more than a drifting space hulk. It had no surviving crew aboard and little to no power to what was left of the drifting wreck. The Hellfire picked up its faint distress signal while on route to Zedust colony with supplies of computer equipment.

While investigating the distress call the Captain put together a small boarding party lead by his First Officer to check the drifting space hulk out. There was little of value aboard and not much to salvage other than one Inferno classed fighter. The fighter was in remarkable good condition when found and as it was classed as being destroyed with the ship. Captain Sharman decided it would make a good addition to the Hellfire’s fighter compliment. The boarding party also gathered enough spare parts for the fighter while aboard the space hulk to keep it running for a long time without any cost.

The Inferno classed fighter is an atmospheric to vacuum flight one manned stealth fighter. You can see from the sketch that the fighter hold similarities to old Earth built jet fighters. But it is far more advanced and in many ways.

First you may have noticed that the fighter does not have a Rudder or any of the ailerons, flaps or Elevator parts that a standard atmospheric fighter would need for flight control. These parts are not needed due to the simple fact that space is a vacuum and cannot be manipulated like air. Therefore the fight has several smaller jet thrusters portioned around the wings and fuselage. These small but powerful jet like engines are used to control the fighter’s flight path both in space and in atmospheric condition. These small jets also give the fighter a much more effective fight control allowing the small ship to completely change course at a moment’s notice or hover stationary in the air.

The fuselage and wings of the fighter are made from a toughened carbon steel alloy which is both light weight and almost invisible to detection by most military scanners. To add to this all of this class of fighter were created to be the deepest of black; again making them hard to see in deep space.

The military found that during large battles these stealth fighters were just a little too good at hiding from the enemy and indeed this led to not being noticeable enough to be seen by their own ships. This caused many unnecessary deaths during battle and lead to the painting of just the nose and wings of the fighters; making them easier to see during battle situations. The classic war patterns for this fighter were always flame makings. These tented to vary in colour and styles depending on the ship they belonged to. The Inferno that the Hellfire has was painted all black; this was to avoid any fleet from being able to recognise the fight as one of their own.

The weapon systems aboard the Inferno classed fighter are small but powerful twin pluses repeaters. These guns are located on both wings, in pairs and fire a short range volley of directed energy. The weapons fire is pure energy and not shell based ammo; this means that the fighter can carry much more firepower than shell based fighters and continue to fight for longer periods of time. The weapon fire produced by this fighter may not be powerful enough to take out a full sized battle cruise by its self. But when in groups these fighters can be very deadly to any vessel.

The Inferno Classed fighter was designed to be used in extremely hostile situation; therefore it has a built in energy shield system. This energy field covers the entire outer hull of the one manned fighter providing protection against all light hostile weapons fire and some moderate weapons fire. The shield system is run from the fighter’s main micro fusion reactor and can sustain a large output of power for up to several hours of combat.

The micro fusion reactor of the fighter is the heart of the ship. It provides the power for the fighter’s weapon systems, shielding, engines’ and life support. The reactor is housed in a heavily armoured casing just behind the cockpit. The reactor is a self charging power core which should last for up to one hundred fifty years before it needs to be reenergized. But this is not always the case. The molecules inside the reactor can only reenergize if the power is not drained to quickly; and there have been recorded incidents during battles where a pilot has pushed the power core to its limits pulling more power from the core than it can sustain for short periods of time. This has caused the core to drain to inoperable levels leaving the fighter without shields, weapons, or engine power; in effect leaving the fighter dead in the water.

All in all thought it has to be said that this fighter is not only one of the fastest fighters of its time; but it has some of the most up to date equipment housed in its fuselage and is incredible tough for its size. A definite first choice for any would be fighter pilot.


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