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Hellfire 'Darkness falls Kalien tech

Updated on July 6, 2011
Hellfire equipment.
Hellfire equipment. | Source

Kalien technology

Kalien Shield Bracelet

The Kalien shield bracelet was given to Captain Sharman several years ago from Captain Fellfora. The Captain was given this piece of alien technology as a thank you; for the assistance the Hellfire gave to Fellfora’s ship when it came under attack from a large group of pirates, referred to in the book Hellfire ‘Darkness Falls’ and more commonly known as Raiders. The Hellfire not only fort off the hostile attack; but offered assistance to the damaged Kalien transport ship along with an escorted back to a safe port in nearby Caridian space. Captain Fellfora and his small crew felt indebted to Captain Sharman and the crew of the Hellfire for their help and with very little to offer. The Captain gave his shield bracelet as a small token of thanks. Captain Sharman has kept this gift close to him ever since. He has used it on many dangerous cargo runs when delivering cargo and picking up payment from places not to keen to pay for what they had ordered; he has also used it on many salvage mission aboard stricken military vessels.

The shield bracelet it’s self is a portable energy field projector. The unit uses a self charging atom accelerator power core. This power core can run the active shield arch continually for up to fifteen hours before it needs to be shut down for self recharge. The generator projects a large slightly curved oval energy field just in front of the bracelet itself. An example of the shield arch has been sketched in and added to the side of this document. The shield is projected outwards from six spiked energy emitters that are fitted to the external casing of the device. The four outer spikes project the main shield arch and the two secondary central spikes provide shield coverage to the bracelet its self. This is to prevent the device from taking damage when active or under attack. The shield bracelet has a touch screen display on its side so that the shield frequency can be altered to best suit the situation the user find themselves in. It also has two simple touch buttons next to the main configuration panel so the shield can be activated or deactivated at a moment’s notice. This is also shown in the first sketch attached to this document. The energy field projected by the bracelet is a solid field that is capable of deflecting both solid objects and energy based weapons. This means that the bracelet can be used in both close quarter combat to deflect solid weapons such as swords and knifes; it can also be used to deflect both energy and cartridge firing ranged weapons. When there is very little cover for troops to use in combat situations. The active energy shield can be seen as a low level transparent yellow field; this means that the user can easily see what is ahead of them without moving from behind the protective energy shield’s covering arch.     

As you may have noticed the Captain mentions charging his shield bracelet in one of the early chapters of Hellfire ‘Darkness Falls’ this is due to the bracelet taking damage before it was activated when a fight broke out in a bar on Zedust colony; between a group of drunken colony marines and some of the Captain’s own troops. This was all over a spilt drink; so I guess some things never change.

The Captain gave the damaged bracelet to his engineer to fix; but due to the damage to the main power generator and recharge systems. The system’s power core had to be replaced with more conventional technology. This means the Captain’s system now runs off a high voltage variable energy storage unit. The system can stay effectively active for up to six hours but after that it requires at least a two hour charge before it can be used again. The shield bracelet is not anything Earth’s military Empire uses in its equipment listing. But as the Captain is not part of any military body; he is not bound by any equipment restrictions. This has both its advantages and disadvantages; but the Captain has always used this piece of equipment when entering the unknown and it has saved his life on more than one occasion.   


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      Phoebe Pike 6 years ago

      Interesting. That's a very interesting piece of equipment.