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Hellfire 'First Command'

Updated on April 12, 2012

Hellfire 'First Command'

This is the story of the Captain's first command; before the Hellfire he commanded a small haulage ship called the Payload.

First Command

Personal log; I spent my whole life wanting to travel the stars. I guess that’s why I applied for this job. All my friends told me I was crazy, taking a job commanding a cargo frigate during a war. But then working for a large company seemed a better option to me than joining the military. I couldn’t stand the thought of some jumped up Captain barking orders at me every day. Besides when I applied for the Captain’s position, I didn’t think I would actually get it. But when the conformation came, I found I had been given my first command. It’s not a large ship. But for a first command and with a crew of only six including myself, this ship is large enough. The haulage company say I’m the youngest Captain on their books. But as I am only six months into this job, I guess I have a lot to learn. Log end…

I approached the bridge door to start my shift for the day. I was on the late shift as usual, which suited me fine. I pushed the button to open the bulkhead door to the bridge, which hissed loudly as the hydraulics pulled the small door open. I stepped into the small room. It had four chairs situated in front of the ship’s various computer consoles. Just under the ship’s forward windows.

I was still amazed by the sight of the stars and how clear they looked form out in the darkness of space. Over the last six month we had travelled much deeper into space and our current delivery was a first for me. As we were supplying defence weapons and shield generator upgrades to a small colony situated in Caridian space. I knew this was a much more risky job to take. But then I also really wanted to explore the stars and the only other job on offer would take my ship back towards Earth. Besides, other than that the pay was a lot better with the added risk. I moved over to the captain’s chair as my First Officer stood up and turned around to look at me. He was a stocky man with blue eyes and short blond hair.

‘Captain, you finally pulled yourself out of bed.’ He stated as he smiled at me.

‘You know I’m not a morning person, is there anything to report?’

But before he could reply, the communication console light up as it began to beep repeatedly.

We both looked at the console.

‘Well, I was going to say nothing, but it looks like we are wanted.’

‘We’re not expecting any change of orders are we?’

‘No, but maybe we should answer it.’

‘I guess so.’ I replied before moving over and stepping into a metallic holo ring that was situated just in front of the captain’s chair. Andrew moved over to the communication relay and activated the system.

‘Channel open Sir.’

The holo ring lit up around me, at the same time as a projector began to show a holographic image of a man in his thirties, in a Caridian military uniform just in front of me. The man looked flustered as he said.

‘Thank god; I am Captain Artos of the Caridian light cruiser Storm. We have taken damage and are being pursued by a Plotation battleship. I need to speak with your Captain.’

I heard Andrew snigger at this as I replied,

‘I am the Captain, how can we help?’

The Captain bluntly stated,

‘No offence kid; but what ship exactly, are you in command of?’

‘A class four Earth cargo frigate, why?’

The Captain rubbed his hand across his face before he stated,

‘Do you even have any weapons systems?’

‘Yes, we have several level five pulse lasers equipped.’

‘Great, look kid; I suggest you jump into warp space and keep out the way until we have passed through this sector.’

‘That sounds great; but this ship doesn’t have any Jump engines.’

‘No jump engines; that’s all I need. Have you ever seen any combat?’

‘We have had a few run-ins’ with Raider over the last few months.’

The image flickered as I watched the Captain steady himself.

‘Well I guess that’s better than nothing. But this isn’t going to be anything like fighting off a few pirates kid, and your weapons won’t even dent that battle cruiser’s shields. So we will need to knock them out first, if you’re going help.’

Andrew quickly stated,

‘Captain; there is a nearby asteroid field we could us for cover.’

I saw Artos’s eyes light up at Andrew comment.

‘That sounds like a plan; that Plotation battle cruiser may have speed and a hell of a lot of fire power, but it fly’s like a rock. We will see you in there.’ Artos stated as this gave me an idea.

‘Andrew, how long will we have before the Storm reaches the asteroid field?’

My First Officer checked the console.

‘About an hour. Why?’

I turned back to the image of Artos as I said,

‘Captain; don’t worry about taking the shield’s out. Just make sure you keep some distance form that cruiser and we will do the rest.’

I could see the confusion on Artos’s face as he said,

‘What the hell have you got planned kid?’

I could also see a look of bewilderment on my First Officer’s face as I replied.

‘We have some mining explosives still in our cargo hold; if I can get them set up before you arrive we will set a trap in the asteroid field.’

Artos’s smiled.

‘I like your thinking kid; we will see you there and follow your engine trail into the field, Storm out.’

He cut the com link as the hologram image disappeared. Andrew was now looking at me like I was some sort of mad man as he said,

‘Don’t worry about the shields, ha.’

‘It will work.’ I replied.

Please enjoy and more story's will follow...Also to read the rest of this story you can download it from this is the opening story to the Hellfire series.


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    • profile image

      6 years ago

      As good as I thought it would be,cant wait to read next installment!!