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Hellfire Tactical Computer Pad

Updated on November 30, 2011

Technology of Hellfire

Hellfire ‘Portable Computer Pad’

The portable computer pad has been an essential tool since it was invented back in the early 21st Century. Its purpose, look and technology has been changed and updated more times than history can record.

In ‘Darkness Falls’; Miss Parkinson uses a military computer pad on several occasions during the events of that day. The portable system is part of the Hellfire’s equipment inventory. The unit’s model number is M7622510116T or com pad for short. It is a military tactical interface unit that uses a touch screen display. This display has been divided up into four separate screens. This is so the user can perform multiple functions on the device at any one time. The system can also automatically acquire a wireless uplink to any Earth/ Caridian computer main frame form an impressive distance of just over 25 meters away. But when it comes to the unit extracting information form more alien technologies the com pad must have a direct link. Miss Parkinson’s com pad has a series of ports that are located on the systems underside. Each port is a direct uplink connector and can be attached to any alien technology directly with the use of several crystalline data feed cables. The system has a series of data crystals that have been programmed to translate alien information while protecting the system’s incompatible software from viruses and power spikes. The com pad can then display the information gathered on one of the four display sections in any chosen format by the usurer. This function was only installed in the year 2289 AD after sufficient information had been gathered on many known alien races.

This particular type of com pad has been developed by the Earth’s Military Empire as a portable Tactical unit. Its purpose was for the use in long standing field battles or on difficult boarding missions where it would be impossible to set up a full command centre. This accounts for the units armoured titanium casing and the system’s ability to withstand extreme shocks. This particular model was originally design and tested to withstand explosions, gunfire, electrical attacks and extreme environmental changes such as temperature, liquids and air pressure.

The unit is a handheld computer system with a seven thousand gigabyte hard drive. It has a speech language translator system that can display a written translation of all known languages that are spoken in front of it. The system can also track EMF (electrical magnetic fields) which is useful for detecting harmful energy fields and damaged systems and energy conductors aboard battle torn star ships. The system can also detect heat signatures and atmospheric changes. The casing has a standard military belt clip so it can be carried easily in a battle situation. Miss Parkinson’s model is not the most up-to-date unit and as you can see from the pictures. The unit was designed for practicality not sleek designer looks. But it is a very important piece of equipment in any battle situation. Unfortunately if you wish to own one of these units you will have to wait until the year 2299 AD when this model comes into service within the Earths Military Empire.            


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