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Hellfire 'The Captain's Firearm

Updated on May 9, 2012

Hellfire Technology

Hellfire ‘The Captain’s Firearm’

Captain C J Sharman of the independent battle cruise Hellfire never joined the military. Instead he started his first command on a small haulage ship called Payload. In his eyes this was his chance to explore the stars and see the universe. But his first command was cut short after just six months during the Caridian, Plotation war. When his ship answered a distress call from a Caridian light cruiser called Storm. The Payload was caught in the path of the fighting ships and on offering help to the Caridian ship; the Payload was lost in the battle. The small crew of the payload survived but the Captain lost his job with the haulage company. Captain Artos of the Storm offered the surviving crew a lift to Caridian prime as thanks for their help. But from that day onwards Captain Sharman knew that space travel was incredibly dangerous. So he made a promise to himself that he would be more prepared for whatever would come his way while he travelled the stars.

His firearm is technically an antique and was originally built for use within the Earth’s military Empire. The gun its self dates back to the year 2212 and was used by the military during some of the bloodiest colony wars of its time. Its official name is an G8 automatic tank buster; it is a fully automatic, twin ammo feed, eight gauge hand cannon. The G8 has two setting manual single shot or automatic repeater. The gun was originally built as a light portable tank buster or anti aircraft gun. But during its time in service it was more often than not used on troops taking cover. The gun was quickly renamed the Reaper by the troops who used it and it became a symbol of fear on any battlefield.

The G8 was replaced in the year 2263 by Earth’s military body for more conventional energy weapons. These weapons were lighter and could do more damage without the need for carrying bulky additional ammo clips around with them, like the G8. But this wasn’t the end of the Reaper as the Caridians continued to us the gun right up until the end of the Caridian, Plotation war that ended in the Earth year 2301. Captain Sharman was given his G8 gun by Captain Artos of the Caridian ship Storm. The gun was a thank you gift for the risks the young Captain had taken by helping the Storm out which led to his ship the Payload being destroyed. Captain Sharman has used it ever since along with an assortment of other items he has gained along the way. The gun has saved his life on several occasions now, including the times and events he documented in the book Hellfire ‘Darkness Falls’

Also to find out when this gun was first used checkout the Hellfire series from Touched by Hell enjoy.

The Captain's hand gun
The Captain's hand gun | Source


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