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Hellfire Volume 4 Chapter 1

Updated on April 9, 2013

Original art work for the story


Chapter one of Hellfire volume 4

After reading the intro I am sure you will want to know what happens next. Please enjoy this early write of the first chapter while I work on the rest of the story. If you want to know what happened before this volume checkout volume 3 Deadlock from enjoy the read.

Hellfire volume 4

Chapter 1 The Call of War

‘Hay Captain, the ship should be ready to leave. Are you sure you want us to stay here with Hudson?’

Richards jumped out from the shuttle’s door as he confidently moved over to me putting his hand on my shoulder. I smiled at him as I replied to his question,

‘It’s ok. This is just a short journey and I’m sure Andrew and I can handle this one. Besides it will be nice to have some space for a change when were travelling.’

‘Ok but you know it’s going to kill us having to stay here taking in the sun, while you two are out making the money.’

We both laughed as I stated,

‘Hudson still needs time for his leg to heal and you guys are the only people he knows on this planet, so you had better make sure he is ok.’

‘We will; safe journey and stay out of trouble.’

Andrew popped his head around the door as he stated in a sarcastic voice,

‘Trouble really; we are only dropping off some computer stuff to the nearest colony. What could possibly go wrong?’

‘He’s right you know we will be gone for a few days tops. Then when we get back, you two can do the next run while we take some time off.’ I replied.

I pattered Richards shoulder as I moved away from him and boarded our shuttle saying,


I hit the door control sealing the ship’s hull from the outside world before I moved over to the co pilot’s seat sitting down next to Andrew. I looked over the controls as I sighed before activating the shuttle’s main landing thrusters.

‘You sure your ok mate, you have been quiet since we left the Enlightenment?’

Andrew looked across at me with a concerned look on his face as I replied

‘Yea, guess I just need to keep busy. Now shall we make this delivery or what?’

Andrew started the take off as I felt the shuttle leave the ground, before the ship quickly picked up speed while we headed towards the planets outer atmosphere.

‘You miss her don’t you?’

‘Yea, it was weird how quickly we became close. Still nothing I can do about it now.’

I didn’t want to let on how much I was still hurting; but then I guessed he kind of already knew. We were starting to head into the planets lower orbit as I noticed a very large war ship close by. I checked the scanner readout to find it was monitoring all the traffic in the immediate area.

‘What the hell do you think all this is about?’ I said as I pointed to the scanner readout. Andrew looked over as he stated,

‘War stuff, nothing to do with us, I will just set our fight path and then maybe we should get a coffee.’

Andrew started to type in our flight path out of the system, as the war ship started to move quickly in our direction. The ship’s communication console kicked in with an incoming call. We both looked at the console as it flashed and beeped before I said,

‘I guess we should get that right?’

‘I guess so.’

I moved my hand over to the console and opened up the channel as a sharp voice stated,

‘Pay-Check you will disengage your main engines and dock in our open hanger bay.’

Both Andrew and I looked at each other as he said,

‘Maybe it’s just routine; you know.’

I opened up the communication channel as I stated,

‘Hi, we are just running some computer equipment to one of your colonies. Is there a problem?’

‘No problem, Just dock in the open bay, Iron Grip out.’

The communication cut as I turned to Andrew and stated,

‘No trouble ha; we had better do as they are asking.’

Andrew cut the main engines and started to pilot the shuttle towards the massive war ship as he replied,

‘I’m sure the Iron Grip is the Caridian’s lead flag ship. It is rumoured that it is commanded by their Supreme leader.’

‘What the hell do they want with us then?’ I asked.

‘I guess we are about to find out mate.’

I watched from my seat as we approached the massive fortress like war ship. We were now only minutes from landing in the ship’s open bay as Andrew turned to me and said,

‘You don’t think it has anything to do with the destruction of the Nightfall do you mate?’

‘I hope not, but next time we find a drifting military ship. I say we leave it alone.’

‘I agree, so what is our story if they ask?’ Andrew enquired nervously.

‘No stories, just tell it the way it was. I will take any blame as I was in Command.’

Our shuttle was now passing through the atmospheric shielding of the hanger bay and it was clear we were not being checked as part of a routine shipping checks. By the hundred armed troops that where waiting for us.

‘Do you think they are all here for us?’ Andrew asked.

‘Maybe they have mistaken us for someone else mate.’

The shuttle bumped lightly onto the deck as I got up from my seat and moved over to the shuttle’s door. I turned back to see Andrew getting up slowly before he moved over to my side. I picked up my long Command coat and put it on as I asked,

‘Ready mate?’

Andrew nodded as I hit the release door button. The shuttle’s door hissed as it slid open and the two atmospheres mixed, while a blast of cold air hit me in the face. I stepped out onto deck of the war ship as I turned to find that the first row of troops all had their guns trained in on me. I stepped forwards as I raised my hands and said,

‘We are unarmed.’

Andrew stepped out and moved to my side also with his hands raised as he stated to me in a low voice,

‘I guess were in trouble right.’

I watched as middle aged and well dressed uniformed man moved out from the score of troops accompanied by around ten heavily armed men.

They kept their guns trained in on me as they drew close before the middle aged man held up a battered portable computer pad. Then he smiled as he ordered,

‘Check them for weapons.’

One of the troops held up a small device that he waved in front of us both before he said,

‘They are both clean Sir.’

‘Troops you can lower your guns, but stay alert.’

Then he looked back at me as he continued to say,

‘Captain Sharman I presume?’

‘Yes, and who are you?’ I replied.

‘General Darrin of the Caridian military; I need you two to come with me.’

I lowered my hands as I asked,

‘And do you mind if I ask what we have done to be brought here?’

‘It’s not what you have done, but more what you can do, that brings you to my attention. Now follow me, Supreme Fuller wishers to meet with you.’

The General turned and headed towards a door on the other side of the hanger bay, two troops followed while the others waited for us to move.

‘Come on gentlemen Supreme Fuller is not a patient man.’ The General stated in a loud booming voice.

I looked at Andrew as he made a hand gesture for me to follow him first.

‘Thanks.’ I replied as I followed the man. The other troops followed us as I caught up with the General.

The two troops were now in front of the General so I moved to his side while we travelled the long strait corridors of the ship. I looked across at the man’s stern face as I asked.

‘So, if it’s not what we have done, then why are we here?’

The man didn’t waver as he replied to my Question.

‘Well maybe some of this is due to what you have done. But I cannot discuss this matter until we are in Supreme Fuller’s Office.’

‘So what is it that we have done that has made you notice us?’ I asked again.

Again the man did not waver as he replied,

‘You ask a lot of questions Kid; but saving that Kalien vessel from a Falsec hive ship, and taking on a Falsec pirate in hand to hand combat. You are just what we need right now.’

The two troops stopped at a sealed door as the General moved over to the wall panel before typing in a long code. The door quickly side open and the General moved into the room before both Andrew and I followed. The room was fairly large with one wide window on the opposite side of the room. There was a desk in front of it which had an open computer panel, there was also a large gun sitting on the other end of the desk next to the very grand looking and older man. He looked both Andrew and I up and down before he said,

‘Take a seat gentlemen; I am Supreme Fuller.’

I moved over two one of the seats that were in front of the desk and sat down before I said,

‘Ok you have us here; now what is it we can do for you?’

I spoke confidently as I sat back comfortably in the chair. The Military leader signalled for the door to be locked before he lent forwards and stated,

‘You don’t look big enough to take out a Falsec with just a sword. But I have seen the ship’s logged reports and communications records. Also there bridge recordings showed you to be the one who went to fight them. This is why I put together the armed escort.’

‘You put an armed escort together because I faced a Falsec!’

‘No, because you survived and are still walking around, how did you do it kid?’

‘Maybe I just got lucky.’

‘Maybe, but that is beside the point. Look I have a job that needs doing and I will pay you well. So what do you say?’

The man sat back in his seat as he looked at both Andrew and I. I looked at Andrew and could see he looked uncomfortable at the situation. I also was feeling intimidated but curious as well.

‘Depends on what the job is.’ I replied.

The man smiled as he replied while turning the computer panel around so I could see the screen. The he stated,

‘It is a simple pick up from Plattos prime; I need you to take a Plotation ship and land it at these coordinates. There you will meet a man who has been altered to look like a Plotation. Pick him up and bring him back to us. You don’t need to know anymore than that.’

Andrew sat up forwards in the chair he was in as he stated,

Plattos prime is the Plotation home world, you must think we are crazy to take a mission on like that and not know what it involves.’

Fuller looked at Andrew as he replied calmly,

‘I see your First Officer is your voice of reason.’

‘He has a point; and I am not taking on any mission I don’t think I know all the facts about. So this is a closed room let us know the facts.’

Fuller looked at Darrin before he spoke. I could tell the General had nodded in agreement as Fuller replied in a low voice,

‘I can give you more information; but that will mean you will have to take the job.’

I put my hand on my chin as I asked,

‘So what is the pay before I make up my mind about knowing the facts?’

Darrin moved over to my side as he passed me his battered computer pad.

‘Read it kid, that is not an offer we will look to increasing.’

I looked over the readout as the com to the room kicked in from the bridge saying.

‘We will have the last of the old fleet back in for decommissioning in two days, Supreme Fuller. Do you want me to send the ships as they arrive to the salvage dock to be stripped down?’

I couldn’t believe my eyes at the amount being offered. 70’000’000 credits.

‘This must be one Hell of a risky job; I tell you what let my First Officer leave the room. Then tell me why this job is so important. I will take the risk.’

I saw Andrew as he started to protest but cut him short before he could speak.

‘Trust me my friend, this opportunity is too good to miss out on, but we both don’t need to get killed.’

‘Chris, whatever this mission is we are in it together.’

‘Still just wait outside and I will get all the details.’

Darrin signalled for Andrew to leave the room, and as the door closed The ship’s com kicked back in.

‘Supreme Fuller the Repulse just jumped back into the system which leave the Pegasus and the Hellfire left to return.’

Fuller seemed annoyed as he replied bluntly,

‘I am in the middle of something hear, this can wait until I return to the bridge.’

‘Yes sir, Sorry for the interruption.’

The com cut but the message had caught my attention. Fuller turned to me as he handed me a new computer pad as he said,

‘Now we won’t get interrupted, take a look at this. It has been rumoured that the Potations are building a planet killer ship. We sent in a spy to work his way into the construction site and we now have confirmed the construction is underway. I need you to pick him up from this location and bring him back. That’s all; bring him or the information back and you will get paid in full.’

‘So you want me to land just outside of the Potations highest guarded military construction Yard, pick up a spy that from your report states his ship was found and bring him back into Caridian space in an enemy ship.’

‘You got it in one; so when can you leave?’

‘The sooner the better; but there is just one thing.’ I replied.

Fuller looked at me with interest as he enquired,

‘What is it kid?’

Your tannoy mentioned a ship called the Hellfire. What is it, and if it is being decommissioned can I have it as part payment?’

General Darrin quickly piped up stating,

‘We said there would be no increase in the payment offer.’

Fuller held his hand up to signal for his officer to hold off as he asked,

‘The Hellfire is an old Earth built battle cruiser; She is over two decades old and due to be dismantled. So what’s it to you kid, and what do you have in mind?’

‘Well let’s just say you haft the cash payout and give me the Hellfire in full working order.’

Fuller moved back to the other side of the desk before he sat down and replied,

‘With the credits we are offering you; you could buy a brand new war ship. So what’s the score?’

‘I have my reasons; it will save you some money, and get me a good sturdy ship.’

Fuller rubbed his chin before he stated,

‘Darrin see to it the best of the war ships that arrive for decommissioning is sent to our orbital base for the Captain here when he returns.’

I quickly cut in saying,

‘It has to be the Hellfire or the deal is off.’

Fuller looked at me with a confused looked as he replied,

‘Ok kid; The Hellfire is yours when she returns and I will have the credits transferred to your account once you complete the mission. Now while my General sorts out the ship, I will get two of my troops to show you to your temporary vessel, until you get back from the mission.


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