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Hellfire Volune 4 intro

Updated on January 7, 2016
Volume 4 from the print book Origins
Volume 4 from the print book Origins | Source
Art work of the scorpion class shuttle
Art work of the scorpion class shuttle | Source

A great war story with more than you may think.

This is the introduction to the 4th story in the first Hellfire series, it is an epic war, spy adventure with a twist and is now available in print form in, Hellfire Origins

Hellfire Volume 4

Call to War


A well dressed and heavily honoured older man walks into the busy command center to Caridian Prime’s military head quarters. He move boldly across to one of the room’s command personal as he asks,

‘Any word yet from General Darrin?’

The three staff manning the wide range of computer consoles and holographic readouts turn around quickly to salute him before one of them replies.

‘Supreme Fuller, Sir; his ship has just arrived and he should be here in the next...’

‘Few minutes.’

The voice came from behind Supreme Fuller as the staff member’s words were cut short. Fuller turns to find his General standing behind him before he smiles and says,

‘You took your time, now what’s the news from our spy?’

General Darrin moves over to one of the computer consoles while he pulls a battered, portable tactical computer pad from his belt. He activates the computer and then turns back to Fuller as he replies,

‘I will pull up the readout from the Storm’s logs. Captain Artos got your spy in two weeks ago and we know he has worked his way into the construction crew for their new weapon.’

Supreme Fuller moves over to the holographic readout, looking over the information while he rubbed his chin with his right hand.

‘Mmm, so if we got him in and he has not been found out. How long will it be before we can gain the information we need?’

Darrin moved over to one of the consoles on the other side of the room. He then moved one of the personal out of his way before he started to type something into the small tactical computer. Turning to one of the staff that had gone back to work at the another station he states,

‘Let’s find out, we should have had word back by now. Open me up a secure channel to the Storm. I need to speak with Artos.’

One of the men stopped what he was doing as he replied,

‘Yes Sir, I will put it on the holo ring.’

He moved quickly over to a different computer console before he operated the touch pad. Suddenly two metallic rings lit up in the center of the room. Darrin moved slowly over to the empty lit ring as the image of a middle aged man with a scar running down his face appeared in front of him, in the other ring.

‘Captain Artos, good to see you. Now do you have word back from our spy yet?’

‘No, we have not had anything back and we don’t want to contact him just in case we jeopardise the mission.’

‘When was the last time you heard from him?’ Darrin asked.

‘Two days ago. He reported in that he was going to copy the information to a data stick by tomorrow and then he would be back in touch.’

‘Why is it taking so long?’

‘He has lost his escape ship. It had been found by the Plotations before the last time we spoke. I have been trying to sort out someone crazy enough to pick him up. But it seems like all of our elite covert personal are known to the Plotations and I don’t have anyone else that we could use.’

Darrin typed something into his tactical computer before he enquired,

‘So why is your ship nearly three sectors away from our front line borders?’

‘I received a call from one of our supply ship’s reporting a large Falsec hive ship within our space. It had fired several shots at them before they managed to raise a distress call.

I know how essential resources are so figured I should take care of it, as all our other ships are tied up at our borders.’

Fuller moved over to the holo ring as he bluntly stated,

‘One of our light cruiser’s would be no match for a Falsec hive ship. So I want a real answer for why he is out there, and now Darrin.’

General Darrin turned back to the holographic image of Artos before he clearly said,

‘I’m sure you heard Supreme Fuller and I know he is right. We have both had dealings with the Falsec and a hive ship could take on a fully armed and escorted battle cruiser. Now you had better give me one hell of an answer.’

Artos looked and sounded confident as he replied,

‘I originally went to aid the transport, but found they had escaped before we arrived. The Falsec ship was reading very low power levels and it was running with its shields down. Also it was registering some areas of heavy damage. I opened up a communication to find they were fighting amongst themselves.’

‘What happed to them?’

‘From what I gathered before they turn on us, they had been attacked in the warp and then attempted to steal a Kalien transport for parts. I have a full report and it includes information picked up from the wreckage of their ship after I finished them off. I will send it over for you to read now.’

Darrin turned to one of the staff in the room as he ordered,

‘When that report comes in, put a copy straight onto this computer.’

‘Sending it now General.’

Darrin looked over the report while he stood in the ring before he passed the tactical computer pad over to Supreme Fuller saying,

‘I think we have found our man, non military and unknown to the Plotations. What do you think?’

Fuller looked over the information as he stepped into the ring alongside Darrin,

‘Do we know anything more about this man?’

Artos turned away as he asked one of his crew to send all the information over that his superiors required. Then he turned back and answered,

‘I know what you are thinking, but he is just a kid and has no military training.’

Fuller continued to read over the information as he smiled and said,

‘Looks like you two have history, now where can we find him?’

‘I don’t know. It looked like he stayed aboard the Kalien vessel when it left. He could be anywhere.’

Fuller looked up from the battered computer pad as he handed it back to Darrin. Then he bluntly ordered,

‘Artos, you will find out where he is and by tomorrow. Now once you have located him, I want him bringing to me at command central, Fuller out.’

The holo rings powered down before both men stepped out and moved over to one of the computer stations while Darrin asked,

‘Do you think he can do it?’

Fuller smiled as he replied,

‘If he can take on the Falsec and survive, this should be easy for him.’

One of the staff in the room spoke up nervously saying,

‘Supreme Fuller, Sir. We did have a Kalien transport drop a ship off here just yesterday. Shall I, check it out?’

‘Dam right you will, and bring its crew in. I will be on my command ship.’

The full book is now out to read from or you can the full series from

please enjoy.....


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