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Hello, My Name is Bloggerina........

Updated on July 7, 2008

What is our motivation for writing?

I guess I've added another dimension to my personality since becoming active here on hubpages. As I'm sure many others who post here also do, after I've published something, I typically send a link to friends and family to share my latest creation.

I think it freaks my mom out - I don't think she really approves. She's the type who customarily considers "worst case scenarios" and her imagination probably takes her to a place where someone who doesn't appreciate or agree with what I have to say will track me down. She's a registered nurse working in a mental health institution however, so I don't think she can help it. Yet God is my source of confidence, and He didn't give me a spirit of fear but one of love, power and a sound mind!

I'm actually writing this in honor of my friend Suzanne who was my source of inspiration. She is someone dear to my heart, who I've known for approximately a quarter of a century. She is the one who labelled me a 'bloggerina.' I so appreciate her wit and originality.

Suzy made a comment to me that went something like this: "Linda and I were wondering why in the world anyone would care to share some things which are so personal, with complete strangers."

I can't answer for anyone else of course, but I will share my personal thoughts.

When I told her what my google adsense earnings were after 7 mos (between $5 and $6) she couldn't contain her laughter. So is it the money? Evidently not.

I think we have an innate desire to leave a legacy, make a positive mark on history. Do I have a monstrous ego that needs to be fed? Again, we all have egos of varying dimensions but is mine focused on self? I don't think so - even though I do check daily to see how much activity there has been on what I've written - admittedly, sometimes more than once. I attribute this to my social nature however since I'm a very relational person. I like to form and maintain relationships. Peter Lopez once said here on a forum that for some of us, hubpages can become a form of idolatry. Very true; the computer in general for me since unless I'm on vacation, I check emails more than once a day too. I need to remember to not put being here above some of my most important, direct, day- to-day relationships; most specifically, not robbing God and my beloved family of quality time w/ me.

Do I consider myself and expert or authority on any particular subject? Not really. I have a heart for people though - and I have knowledge and experiences to share which will hopefully contribute something worthwhile for any readers who do me the honor of reading what I've written. No matter what ANY person does - how they are gifted with skills and talents, there will always be someone else, somewhere, who has greater talents and giftings and can do it better. Regardless of the amount of knowledge and experience a person has accumulated, there will always be someone who knows more on the subject, has had more experience with it (or has a different opinion altogether!). Some of my friends and family have complimented me in saying I'm a good writer. Of course I like to receive compliments and can do so graciously yet I know there are others out there who are far more talented than I am. I'm not kissing up here but I consider Patience Virtue to be one of them. I may never become the "selected hubber of the week" so I just had to throw that in. What appeals to me in addition to her talent is her pure heart - she loves God and wants to see others touched by and transformed by His love and she's totally transparent.

So in addition to enjoying writing as a form of expression (I tend to think I typically write better than I verbally communicate), it also helps me sort through and solidify my thoughts. This is about as creative as I get, aside from real estate, home decor and cooking. Even then, I have a foundation to build upon but I can "think outside the box" and throw a little of my own personality and originality into the mix. I admire the hubbers who are into crafts as I've never been much for that...I'm an outdoorsy type so I can connect with those who like to garden and are animal lovers, but sewing and scrap-booking etc., as they say in New York, "forget about it.." it's not for me. I love art and wish I could draw or paint. My mom, my now deceased grandma on my fathers side, my friend Suzy are all people with these talents that I greatly admire. Come to think of it, even when it comes to cooking, being married to a multiple-recipe-contest-winning- executive chef (that's a mouthful isn't it?), I can't compete. I can cook things that taste good but again, my husband could ordinarily do the same thing better (except perhaps when it comes to some Mexican and Italian dishes!). No doubt he knows how to be extravagantly artistic with his presentation where I'm pretty simple.

So I guess the bottom line for why I like to write or blog here on hubpages has to do w/ community. In community, whether it be cyberspace or local/regional, we all have something to contribute and hopefully others will recognize the value that each of us play as an integral part. My initial motivation - which still is a primary one - is to share about my experiences as a woman of faith and hopefully impart something that will have a positive impact on someone who doesn't personally know the Lord Jesus Christ. I've attempted to be a positive "online witness" since I think a lot of misconceptions still exist about what being a Christian should/is to look like, not that I'm anywhere close to being a great role model....I'm still in this body of flesh so I still struggle w/right and wrong actions or attitudes. I hope to positively touch hearts and lives with the things I share regardless if it draws someone closer to God or not. Based on the response I've received from my hub, "Dad, I miss You," I'm confident I've done that. Before Christ, I was self-centered and now I'm more about giving OF myself. We all have opinions, goals, dreams, desires and things we are passionate about. I'm thankful for freedom of speech, differences as well as similarities... openness, but most of all the Love which is exhibited or demonstrated in an effort to make our world a better place.

I don't know why, but I just have/want to say this: "Peace Out." Thank you Ryan Seacrest.


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  • moonlake profile image

    moonlake 9 years ago from America

    You actually made money from your hubs. That's pretty good. I also enjoy hubbing and don't know why just do.

  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    So even in Nigeria you are able to watch American! I'm amazed at how much of American TV is shown in other parts of the world....In Israel, it was interesting to see Fox News though.

  • soyelude profile image

    soyelude 9 years ago from Lagos - Nigeria

    Oh do not mind me...just kidding! I do watch American Idol...Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, Simon Cow(l) Ryan Seacrest (Peace out) et al.

  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    Thanks Sweet Sam Soyelude for those encouraging words!

    In Nigeria, you may be unfamiliar w/our television reality series that seeks out vocal talent all across the's called "American Idol." My husband watches it faithfully and some seasons I'm into it, others not as much. The past 2-3 seasons I've paid more attention than the previous (with the exception of the very first year). Anyway, Ryan Seacrest is the host and he always says, "Peace out" at the end of every's gotten to be a bit of a catchy pop culture phrase.

  • soyelude profile image

    soyelude 9 years ago from Lagos - Nigeria

    Nice one Christine! You are a truly relational person...just keep doing what is fun to you. Someone somewhere is getting me!

    Peace out?! Lol

  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    Thanks for reading Chuck and for the compliment and the comments. I relate to what you say about having become acquainted with other hubbers and am enjoying many online connections as well...reading and getting to know personalities and individuals interests, feelings, viewpoints, challenges etc...another thing that's really cool about this community is we are able to do this with people from all over the world!

    Looking forward to giving and receiving more from you and others in the days to come!

  • Chuck profile image

    Chuck Nugent 9 years ago from Tucson, Arizona

    Very good article. Most of us write for a lot of reasons. You mention community as being one of them for you and I think that that is true for most of us. HubPages has attracted a large group of excellent writers who are also very nice people. Even though I am very busy with work and family so don't get to spend much time on HubPages, I feel I have made some real friends here and am as acquainted with a number of others as I am with the co-workers whom I interact with in person on my regular job. I frankly feel the same degree of connectivity with fellow writers / co-workers on HubPages as I do with co-workers on my regular job. Again, thanks for a great hub.

  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    Thanks Monitor!

  • monitor profile image

    monitor 9 years ago from The world.

    A very nice article on how you feel about writing on hubpages, christinekv. I definitely share your views on the value of sharing our interests and opinions online. Thinking positively is the way to go!

    Your fan.


  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    Thanks Marie for dropping by and commenting. My husband would relate to you regarding not reading unless he had to. I love to read!

    I think one of the great things about hubpages is we do get to connect w/others who share our interests - from all over the globe which is so cool! We can make the type of contribution you are speaking of, hopefully learn a few things from one another, and perhaps even spur one another on to learn more about something we wouldn't have considered before.

    Have an awesome Indepence Day! Hope it's a nice, long enjoyable weekend for you and your loved ones!

  • Scent profile image

    Marie Myers 9 years ago from Berwick, PA

    Nice Hub... My kids use the "Peace Out" thing LoL. I use blogs for many reasons. I like sharing things that I find interesting because I feel that if "I" find it interesting (I am so not into reading unless I have to do so), than many more will as well.