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To say goodbye - Poem

Updated on August 10, 2013


Was all it took

To fill, my once empty cup with happiness

For that I gave you all your wishes

And watched you take them one by one

Then you left me in a darkened place

The day you stole my sun

My frail heart was no match for your wordy knife

I shed a tear and watched it fall to the ground

If it is my heart you wanted

Here it is!

Just close your eyes

And you’ll find it

I don’t have love anymore,

It was you, who became my very love

Let me suffer alone, let me be wrong again

I’ll let you sleep

So you can’t feel this heart

Time goes by and that’s why you don’t want me

Fly! Don’t stop!

Alone I’ve to be with my heart in my hand

And tears in my eyes

Let the sun try

I’ve to stay in the dark

Thinking about how you said GOODBYE!...

by Richie


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    • richbrayan profile image

      richbrayan 6 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      awww thank you very much for taking time out to read this poem :) And it takes no time to fall in love But it takes years to know what love is

    • profile image

      jami l. pereira 6 years ago

      I voted up and awesome , love sux . I loved the photo of the northern lights of alaska , , it goes well with the line "you left me in a darkened place the day you stole my sun " , cool write thanks for the read!:)