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Hello Thirties

Updated on March 22, 2017

Last Day Of My Twenties- 08/02/2017

Today is the last day of my 'Twenties '
It didn't start the way I planned it to be
Anyway my plans hardly ever works
So I suppose I'll just be plain little o'l me.


I always had the thought of not living long
I can't believe that I'm still alive and moving
In Twenties I bloomed and wrote a New Song
Because the love of Jesus Christ kept me strong.


When I look back, the people who are in my hubpages and Facebook
Have inspired me with beautiful stories, videos,verses and pictures
Made me smile with your sense of humour as I looked
Even spent time reading, commenting, chatting and listening to my stories.

The classmates, the teachers, cousins and childhood friends
The writers, artists, musicians, choristers and the Rotaractors
The Epals, the Penpals, the Game players and the newly friends
The Church family, my family and my writing inspirations.


I just wanted to say 'THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE FOR ME'
The kindness, the tolerance and the patience you have shown me
It's a bit sad to say Good Bye to my twenties you see
But I believe that knowing Jesus Christ is the best thing that have ever happened to me.

I don't know why my brother always tell me to do the most difficult thing for me to do. According to him I talk too much and his wish is for me to not speak at all. Well, he's nice, caring and very thoughtful, but he gets annoyed when I talk.

So I thought I better write/ type instead :) See my brother is my personal entertainer :) I just get a little bit carried away whenever he plays the guitar or the piano which makes me want to sing and I ends up being very out of pitch many times. His style of playing musical instruments are always soft and smooth. Even his singing is very calm and soothing.

My brother playing his guitar :)
My brother playing his guitar :) | Source

Hello Thirties !!!

I normally write a poem on my birthday but this year kind of unexpectedly happened something else, a little overwhelmed by the thoughts I just could not find the exact words to describe it. So I thought maybe I could just go back to the day of my birthday and think things through and finally rhyme a bit.


It was a Thursday morning, just like every other day

But it was the day I stepped into my thirties

Normally as I have seen and heard in early days

That in thirties people are boring and becomes Very Serious.

So I call it my very own Super Thirties instead

Because Jesus Christ is my Light and Delight of it

I got three birthday gifts from my mommy dearest

Which I wore where I went for my part-time work.

So as soon as I entered I was wished by the colleagues

Sweet kisses, hugs from girls and firm handshakes from males

I was not at all expecting them to give me lovely gifts

One with a completion of odd things and other made out of glass.

There's this girl she's short and sweet with small lovely curls

Her hair reminds me of Bombai Motai and sometimes cotton candy

She's the Tea Girl who prepares the tea with sugar for us

Then she works, when no work, she's glued to her book like a wormy.

According to her she likes growing flowers and gardening

Doing it as a side business which is quite interesting

She listens, she advice and has a different way of thinking

She's creative and has the potential to do better in whatever she's doing.

Then the other girl is one of the most amusing characters

She has a great sense of humour, always friendly and nice

She's always full of surprises as she imitates the customers

I can't help but laugh at her narrating skills and intriguing device.

She's in her early twenties, yet she's quite caring

She think too far, even try out as she wants things to be done

She's observant, tactful, energetic and multi-tasking

At the same time she finds time to be cheerful and fun.

The Two Girls I work with :)

Practicing Corel Draw Software :)
Practicing Corel Draw Software :) | Source

There's this uncle whom I call Mr. Laminate, Mr. Photo copies as he's quite patient

He's more like a fatherly kind yet mischievous kind of a person

He keeps the bookshop items in order and is a methodical agent

He's like a human calculator with the number multiplication.

The other elderly person is the skilled creative Graphic Designer

He's the fastest Sinhala, Tamil and English typist whom I ever knew

In his younger years for the papers he had been a writer and an art designer

He's happily married and every time he teaches me Photoshop and something new.

The two uncles reminds me of these two characters :)


There's a guy who is dark and very pleasant with a eye catching smile

He too is a young Graphic Designer and a fast Sinhala Typist

He's quiet, yet witty remarks he would make once in a while

His mother's cooked food is so heavenly and he's friendly and nice.

The other guy has small curly hair and he's tall

He is a creative video editor and a Graphic Designer

Crazy over an internet game and a chatterbox all in all

Who has an interesting appetite and he's a fantastic poetry writer.

Mr. Fax who is our Errand Boy, likes to go out and buy supplies

With his helping hands he comes to the rescue like a Knight in Shinning Armor

He's darker than others and got a big nose which is decorated with pimples

He dress smart and handsome and he's a little charming brother.

The guys reminds me of these characters :)

Practicing Photoshop Software :)
Practicing Photoshop Software :) | Source


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    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 months ago from london


      Very beautiful, very sincere and childlike as we have come to expect from you. I want to wish you a very, very happy birthday! I thought that you're about 24 yrs old, but you seem to be saying 30. Is that so?

      Your good buddy is tired mentally and just wants to rest for now. So forgive me not dedicating a loving poem to you today. God bless your life; your heartfelt beauty and devotion to the Christ. Love you ... always-Manatita

    • rdsparrowriter profile image

      rdsparrowriter 8 weeks ago

      Hi Manatita :) Thank you for your lovely wishes :) My birthday was celebrated 2 weeks ago :) Yes I remember your beautiful poems :) That's alright :) Yes I am 30 years young :)

      Take care and may God Bless You!

    • pattyfloren profile image

      Patty Florence 8 weeks ago from Illinois

      Very different. Very unique. Thank you.

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