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Helpful Hints for Future Authors

Updated on June 6, 2013

Self Publishing and E-Books

Over the past few years, publishing dynamics have changed. Since 2006 many companies allow authors to self publish trade paperbacks and hardcover books. The cost of self publishing books has decreased dramatically. Print on Demand books decrease publishing costs by printing books one at a time. The publisher does not need to print one thousand books at great expense.

I reviewed book publishing statistics in the early 2000’s and found only seven percent to ten percent of authors sold more than one thousand print books. Therefore it is more cost efficient to print books on demand.

The author who wishes to self publish print books should visit CreateSpace is an Amazon Company. When a writer publishes with CreateSpace there is a direct distribution channel to sell print books through Amazon. CreateSpace guides the author with different pricing and advertising options. CreateSpace displays formats for self publishing print books. A computer savvy writer can publish on CreateSpace without charge as long as he or she can format the text of the book. An author also has access to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing from CreateSpace. Your E-book will be published and sold on Amazon Kindle. Another great website where an author can publish electronic books for free is on

An example of successful electronic publishing by self published authors can be found in the New York Times Book Review. The New York Times Book Review August 5, 2012 published the top Twenty-Five E-Book Best Sellers Fiction List. The list contains four E-Books by self published authors. Colleen Hoover has the number 18 E-Book, Point of Retreat. Author Bella Andre has three E-Books: No. 22, If You Were Mine; No 23, Can’t Help Falling In Love; and No. 24, I Only Have Eyes For You.

In 2012, a writer can become well known by publishing a blog. Many bloggers have thousands of people who follow them on Blogging is a method for marketing your material at no cost. However the author/blogger must put in hours of hard work to write and research articles.

The following are hints an author may utilize. (1) Develop a following by writing a blog on Hubpages. (2) Have your own website so you can market your novel or poems. (3) Write an E-Book first and publish the novel on (4) If the E-Book is successful, an agent or established publisher may want to publish your book in print. (5) Or you can self publish your novel in print with CreateSpace and have a direct distribution chain through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Authors and writers desire financial rewards. When you write an article, poem, short story or novel and one person really loves your work, you are on your way to becoming a successful writer.


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