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Helpful Tips for National Poetry Month Writers

Updated on October 28, 2015

It's mid-March, and unless you're working on a killer script for ScriptFrenzy this month, aspiring writers are (or should be) celebrating National Poetry Month. While there are many ways to celebrate the month (reading poems aloud or memorizing one) some of the more dedicated fans of the medium are celebrating it the way it should be - by writing poems. Here are some tips that can help you continue on your own personal poem frenzy, or to help you start and catch up:

  • Read Vulnerably: It's one thing to just read poetry that you love, it's important to find new work that is outside your comfort zone. Look for writers from different parts of the world, or read more work from poets you don't care for or think are bad. Read things outside of poems. You would be surprised how much inspiration you get from reading the news.
  • Leave Home: Put the book down and find your local poetry hot spot. Whether held at a coffee shop or festival, it will help in providing new ideas as well as meeting fellow writers.
  • Share Your Work: This rule is a no-brainer, but it would be of great use to find writer's workshops or meet-ups in your area. is a great place to start, and if you're not entirely comfortable with physical meet-ups, there are places like deviantART which also have specific groups you can submit your work to.
  • Remix!: There's probably quite a bit of old work that you either gave up on or think are bad. Just treat them like ingredients instead of throwing them away. Use cut-up machines or other tools that can help in re-using them.
  • Choose Your Tools: Keep a pen and paper or an opened document on your computer with you at all times, whether you're at work or at the gym. If an idea comes to you, don't ever let it escape your mind.
  • Keep A Schedule: I personally know many poets who just wait for inspiration to come, and i think that is a bad way of looking at poetry writing. If you devote actual fixed times to write a poem, it will help just as a way to hone your abilities.

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    • jollyjump profile image

      jollyjump 5 years ago from Columbus, GA

      Great Hub! Thanks for the info, will use.