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Her Great Encounters

Updated on August 9, 2017
WinterJay profile image

An English language teacher with a MEd from the University of Ottawa who loves the combination of coffee, biscuits and poetry.

You grabbed a slipper, and took very small few steps in silence. Your heart was pounding fast, so fast you could feel your heartbeats making loud thumps in your neck…and a small bead of sweat starts to roll down the right side of your face, making its way down to your neck. You wipe it off, and take a deep breath. You raise your arm high, in preparation of the ultimate move that will establish your own happiness or misery for the day.

And you go for it.

And as you are only a micro second away from it, you accidentally drop the slipper to the ground and ....


YES! You've succeeded!

But woah, woah, wait. Why aren’t you feeling victorious? Why aren't you happy? You've achieved what you've been carefully planning for the past 2 minutes.

So then, WHY?

You, then, realize that although you have succeeded in your great mission.....

You’ve squashed a house centipede with your own hand. Your own hand.

Your own skin.
Your own body.
Your own flesh.

And you felt it. You felt every split second of it. On your index finger. Your brain registered and processed that feel into every atom in your body. Into every nerve.

And you’re traumatized forever.



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