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Her Heart To Another Belong

Updated on July 2, 2016

Sun, Moon and Stars

Captured in a fragile corporal frame

She glitters, beckons to my soul, heart, body, mind

Stars to a child, traveler

Light to Silas’ child

Yet cannot I touch

Burns with the fury of fire

Freezes with the scalding intensity of ice

Midnight on the seas of live-coal sands

Accuse me not of Prufrocking

For her heart to another belong

Afar off, I quench the maddening thirst in my eyes

Shielding my sight with pieces of broken beer bottles

Someone teach me how to pray! Someone!

And I will learn to pray for one

No teach me not, I pray

Least my prayer when said is unanswered

Teach me patience then, and I will have hope

Fruitless search

Vain resolve

Painful thoughts

Teach me not patience but Patience double

That I may have Hopes many

And Dreams abundant

Alone in my dreams none other can touch

She can be mine then


Someone dare not say

That another Prufrock has been mangered

I am better than he

I almost believe so


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