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Her Kind Offer

Updated on July 18, 2012

I met death recently

I thanked her for her kind offer

But I declined for now

I know I'll walk away from life with her at sometime

She will help heal my bruising and battering from this life

As we walk home together

You see, I have much to do here still

I have things to write and say

Art to create and disperse

Peoples lives to touch and be touched by

So much to learn and explain in this world

Many days left to live and love and grow

I like who I am, faults and foibles included

I'm just not willing to let go of me yet

So I met death, the dark sister

And she's kind and not to be feared as I had thought

Someday I will willingly leave with her

That day has not arrived for this one

©2001 R.Kane AKA Richard Kane

Written when I was going through a major illness which could have taken me.


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