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Her Memories

Updated on March 22, 2016

There once was a woman who stood in her door,

And wondered why life hadn't given her a little more,

Oh Lord, she prayed, what can I do,

To make my dreams of a better life come true.


But she felt hopeless as she turned and sighed,

Oh my God, how I really have tried,

To make a good life for both our sakes,

But thinking of the sacrifices it would take,

She was afraid the strength to make the right choices, she no longer might make.


God, oh what can I do, oh God, where can I go,

Just a little help may I ask you Lord to show,

Her face was a mask as these things she thought,

Was she strong enough to fight this war which was constantly being fought.


Oh Lord, I'm coming apart on the inside, Please help me, she cried,

As all the old hurts started to overwhelm her, and the tears and the ache began anew on the inside,

Oh Lord, I can't bear much more, her brain seemed to have screamed,

I have so much depending on me to make this marriage work, just as she had dreamed.


That night, on her knees once again she fell, calling to The Lord for peace and love,

With her broken heart she looked to God up above,

For help in her time of heartache and pain,

She felt that never would anything ever be quite the same.


But with the Lord's help and loving touch she learned to trust in each new day,

The knowledge seeped in that with God's help they would be okay,

Until one day out of the blue she realized her life was really much better than she had thought,

She had come to know that with the Lord's help and love, she had the dream life for which she had always fought.

by Pamlia Wall 7-23-87


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