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Updated on August 20, 2016

When you are with her; it seems the world is yours!

She doesn't even care on luxurious possessions.

Deflated pocket is not a matter;

She's always thankful on what's on the table.

She's more flabbergast on flowing water;

more curious where it came from than quest of gold.

Cautious on crawling spiders than praised presentation.

Her source of joy is on creation, something can't be seize on her.

Her crown is her character; her necklace is her lucid soul.

You can't see even a jot of greed, contentment is her banner.

She's a latent darling, ready to conceive!

By someone looking for esteemed gallery.

Braided hair, expensive apparel, and jewelry makes a beauty.

Over the time it will fleet and fade.

However, a quiet,serene,and well groomed character is worth to keep

She's my beauty; her name is Simplicity!.


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    • profile image

      Bcab5819 18 months ago

      Beautiful poem with words spoken so true!