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Her Name Was Envy pt2

Updated on October 13, 2011

I walked out of the doors to Hell shocked to return to the bright flames of the early morning sun. Time had slipped through my fingers, it dissapointed me. I wanted to look more into my mission but there was only so much I could do in one night before someone would start questioning me.

When I arrived home the adventures of the night were still pulsing away in my brain. I decided to take a shower hoping I could wash it all away.

The water was so forgiving and relaxing I began to drift away to my daydreams. There she was again, dancing so gracefully hitting every beat with her seductive hips. Angel, it was such a fitting name for her. I replayed the way the light hit her beautiful pale skin over and over again . She was so graceful with her golden locks and her daring blue eyes. Her beauty made you want to wonder why she was realy there? It couldn't be for the money . Was she apart of my mission? Was I going to regret seeing her? I couldn't get attached to her I knew better. I couldn't afford any distractions. Oh, but I wanted her body so bad. I wanted to feel her curves against mine. I wanted to see her eyes as I satisfied her body in every way possible. I wanted to wrap my fingers in her hair.

A harsh ringing abruptly returned me to reality. I had forgotten I was even in the shower. Reality brought me back in such harsh ways.

I jumped out of the shower, dripping water everywhere. I looked at my phone wondering who exactly it was I was going to have give a stern talking to . Shit.

"Hello Commander".

"Andy, did you make any progress last night?"

"No sir, I had to scope it out last night. Don't worry sir, I will be back on it tonight".

"No, you will be back on it now! By the way, home base reported some information to me I thought you should know", I felt I was already going to dread this conversation. " The men we took from the bar last night appeared to be under some kind of hypnosis, Will I need to send you a partner for this?"

"No sir. I work alone".

It was true. No matter how desperate I got I have always worked alone. I was a lone wolf and i liked it that way. It made things so much easier for me. I never had to worry about plans and "working together". With me there was no need for all that . All I needed was my Glock and my Ak47 . We were a great team.


It was time to return to Hell's Bar .

The scene was a little different during the day. the smell was still there, but Angel wasn't. I returned to the corner I was at last night. The same waitress was here. I suppose this time I could at least learn her name.

She walked over to me. There was something different about her today. There was a tattoo on her right arm I hadn't seen last night. It was in gold ink and shone brightly in the small amount of light that seeped through the windows. It was beautiful.

" Hey doll, you gonna have the same thing from last night?" , Did she realy remember me? This bar must get hundreds of customers a night. How could she remember me?

"Sure, Its five O' clock somewhere right?"

"I suppose. You must have really enjoyed Angels show last night."

"Well, She's pretty mesmerizing."

"If that's what they are calling it these days. By the way my name is Genevieve, but everyone calls me Genny."

"Nice to officially meet you. I'm Envy."


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    • Lisa Kramer profile image

      Lisa Kramer 6 years ago from Auburn, MA

      Intriguing. I want to know more.

    • jfay2011 profile image

      jfay2011 6 years ago

      Maybe Genny thinks Envy is handsome. Although maybe she also has something to hide. Maybe he needs to pretend to be interested and discover some things. He better get his glock ready. You never know when he might need it. Good hub. I'll be waiting for more.

    • klanguedoc profile image

      Kevin Languedoc 6 years ago from Canada

      This is a great story Silent Sinner. It was captivating.