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Hera, Queen of the Gods

Updated on August 1, 2013

The Woman

Hera was the Queen of the Gods. She was the eldest daughter of Cronus and Rhea. She was the goddess of women and marriage, also known as the matron goddess. She presided over weddings. She was worshipped as a virgin. She would renew her virginity every year in a secret ritual.

The peacock, cow and lion were very dear to her. Her chariot was pulled by peacocks. And she was known as the cow goddess.


Hera married Zeus who was her brother. She was very jealous and vengeful especially towards Zeus' affairs and the children from the affairs. And to mortals who crossed her.

She tried many times to stop the births of the children from Zeus' affairs. She didn't have much success.

She would take revenge on gods, goddesses and mortals alike who made her mad or did something to her.


Hera is not menitoned as being a good mother. Others took care of her children. With Zeus she had:

  • Ares-god of war
  • Hebe-goddess of youth
  • Eris-goddess of discord
  • Eileithyia-goddess of childbirth
  • Enyo-war goddess

Without Zeus she had Hepaestus.

She was the step mother to Hercules. His mother was Alcmene. She tried to stop his birth but was outsmarted which made her mad. And she took out her vengence on those responsible. She hated Hercules so much, they became enemies even though he was named in her honor. Eventually they became friends when Hercules saved her from being raped by a giant.

Some Stories About Hera

Hera gave birth to Hephaestus out of revenge of Zeus having Aphrodite. She threw him off of Mount Oympus because he was so ugly and had a club foot. Hephaestus got back at her by making her a throne. When she sat down she could not get back up. He would not release Hera until they gave him Aphrodite to be his wife.

Zeus had a young priest named Tiresias. He was turned into a female when he hit two snakes mating. When he was a woman he became Hera's priestess, married and had children. He again hit two snakes mating and was turned back into a man. Zeus and Hera were having a disagreement about who enjoyed sex more. Zeus said it was women, Hera said men. So they asked Tiresias, since he had been both man and women, and he said women. This made Hera so made that she made him bilnd. Because of this Zeus gave him prophecy.

Zeus tricked Hera into nursing Hercules when he was a baby. When she found out who Hercules was she pulled him from her and when she did her milk went out across the sky becoming the milky way.

Summary of Hera

  • Hera was the queen of the Olympians
  • Parents were Cronus and Rhea.
  • She was married to Zeus who was her brother
  • Goddess of marriage and birth
  • She was jealous of Zeus's affairs.
  • Sacred animals were the peacock and the cow.


Hell has no furry like a woman scorned applies to Hera. Look at what all she had been through. She put up with the many affiars of Zeus with goddesses and mortals. She had to live with the children of those affairs. She wasn't known for being a good mother. She had to be under a great deal of stress.

How would you handle situations like the ones she had to live through.


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