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Heroes That Inspire Us All

Updated on October 10, 2011

Our Gifts for Brighter Tomorrows

all rights reserved
all rights reserved

They Inspire

Leonardo da Vinci, always my greatest hero, in those times of old,

Among all those innovators there, and in the living of life, so bold.

He set the standards in all of the arts, each so outrageously high,

Few, are an equal in his success, not to matter, in how they do try.

From Thomas Edison and of Henry Ford, with their inventive minds,

Gave to us electric lights and automobiles, in genius of their kinds.

Nikola Tesla, was a brilliant man, and the electrical whiz of all ages,

He gave to us his inventiveness, the blueprints on all of the pages.

Kipling, Stevenson, and Hemingway, too, all leaving to us, their gifts,

A brighter tomorrow is for everyone, and to their civilization, it uplifts.

Nostradamus and Edgar Casey foretold, of our futures, so very well.

As did the music of Beethoven and Bach, in keeping us under a spell.

Contributions of the innovators, such as Steve Jobs and of Bill Gates,

Their donations they made for modern times, by this century's greats.

John Kennedy and his brother Robert, were both characters so strong,

Each gave to our world such a quality, and to show that we all belong.

Compassion shown of Billy Graham, of Nelson Mandela, and of Gandhi,

Serve to restore love, and of the spirit, a progress of respect, we all see.

Those to inspire us everyone, form a wonderful and most splendid array,

All giving hopes to our future world, by the examples that they all display.


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    • profile image

      BESOBERGOSPEL 6 years ago

      Thanks for the line up of egg heads like Steve Jobs who gave to this generation ,what it never expected. This generation hit the heights through them.