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Hersesskullesse 1

Updated on July 21, 2012

The Prelude


One word.

One word screamed, from the mouth of a small girl, clutching in her hand the ankle of a broken man that she had dragged, without notice, to the center of the battlefield.

All combat on the day ceased, as all combatants relinquished their blinding blood thirst, to be drawn to the marvel, which was the unorthodox spectacle that, though it would be twenty years in the making, brought peace between two nations.

Ah, but to understand the peace that can be born from such a sight, one would have to know and have an understanding of the plight of two nations, riddled with the guilt of each others transgressions upon one another.

And this is where our story begins.

The city of Peldaron was enjoying a time of celebration, at the behest of king Eltemphilatys' victory over the Delbiri tribes, of the Elquin Plain lands.

It was common knowledge that the king's brother, Sepharon had struck a deal, in secret, with the lake land peoples-long time allies of the Delbiri-to allow them access and safe passage through the lands, which separated the two kingdoms. This served as the key to the destruction of the Delbiri, who utilized their position and influence with the lake lands to intimidate and lay siege to less hostile regions, and plunder their resources.

Sepharon, an intuitive mind, realized that the alliance between the Delbiri and the lake land people was based upon the equal power, which both nations shared. The Delbiri, with their rich sprawling plains, were virtually untouchable, with the protection of the Delbin mountains at their backs and the Pakuri ocean beyond them. At the front was the vast empire, that formed the lake land people. There was no fear of encroachment, less any enemy of the Delbiri would have to deal with the lake land empire, first.

Easier said than done, as the lake land empire-until Sepharon-kept an unwavering position of neutrality, in all respects, save their loose alliance with the Delbiri tribes. The Delbiri supplied the lake lands with rich deposits of ore and minerals. The lake land empire would supply security, border patrol and safe passage, through and beyond the lake lands.

The lake land empire knew that they could not take, in sheer force alone, the Delbiri tribes. The Delbiri were ruthless, and death in combat was a victory.

The lake land empire welcomed an end to the Delbiri alliance and seized the opportunity to have them eradicated. Excepting the terms of Sepharon's agreement, they waited and watched as the Tabarim kingdom assembled and prepared their siege engines and war machines for the coming infringement.

What the lake land empire did not anticipate was that the spies, amongst their ranks would return this knowledge to the Delbiri. The Delbiri, in response, gave the lake land empire no time to rebutle the charges and began frequent and rapid raids upon the lake land settlements. The lake land empire had no time to respond.

Even more ironic was that purposely the Tabarim kingdom leaked the information of the lake land alliance, to provoke the Delbiri into action against what the Tabarim and all outer realm kingdoms saw as enemies, co-conspirators and accomplices, knowing that the lake land empire would have no choice, but to enter into all out war. And so began the Delbiri massacre.

It took all, but a year to decimate their existence.

Understanding that they had been tricked, the lake land empire, in a weakened state-fore their losses were many-immediately declared war against the Tabirim kingdom, only to find that all of the outer realm kingdoms had united against them.

Even this fact did not give the outer realm the force, to overtake the lake land empire, that their destruction was never even a possible dream.

Thus began the Drakus War, so named for the literal fact that all peoples of Drakus were interlocked in a continental feud.

To be continued...


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    • MojoJojo49 profile image

      MojoJojo49 7 years ago

      Nice writing. I like it.

    • Juelstephen profile image

      Juelstephen 7 years ago from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

      "Oops!", I meant "very honored", blasted thought typing. LOL

    • Juelstephen profile image

      Juelstephen 7 years ago from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

      My dear Nellieanna, being an antcipating reader of your hub content, I would never have dared to think of ANYTHING that you would present as anything less than loving, caring and considerate. That you read my work, makes me feel vary honored. Dare I say, that it is this reason that I love and continue to enjoy this community of "hubbers". We are those that dare to reveal our vision. We grant into each others lives a piece of ourselves, and I would hope that we do so with honesty, to help uplift each other and make each other better. It is for this reason that I post any comments delivered to me. It is not my wish to be seen as perfect, that I would rather be seen as someone who wants to be a better man, husband, and father, than I was yesterday, for the sake of my family, and those around me or not around me that I care about-should God see fit to give me the breath and the strength. I want this for the world.

      Thank you, for helping me to improve, to make my stories better for everyone.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 7 years ago from TEXAS

      I appreciate that. But I just received a private note calling attention to some typos of mine - and I was awed and humbled by the kindness it showed to send them privately to my email instead of on the public comments. I wish I'd had the grace to do that when I pointed out your small errors. It was not intended as scolding! I am often asked to edit manuscripts created by much better writers than myself - because we all do make goofs. These are not imperfections, but errors which are incidental to the content of good writing, such as yours. When we stop learning and improving, we might as well be dead! Every moment presents opportunities to learn. I understand what you mean and appreciate your openness. But do not think for a moment that it is anything but caring that prompted me to mention those small things. I keep a dictionary right here by my side, incidentally. Even words I know well sometimes just "don't look right" and I have to verify them!

      I'm going to recommend your hubs to a group of folks who represent some of the best writing on here, in my humble opinion. One of them has published a hub recommending others and requesting that his followers join in recommending writers and hubs. So you may get some visits from perfect strangers - LOL.

    • Juelstephen profile image

      Juelstephen 7 years ago from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

      Nellieanna, your comments are not only welcome, but relished and ravished upon. It is my absolute pleasure, to be scolded in such a way. I would have others point out the imperfections, that my ambition is to serve, and if it pleases you, become a master of my craft. It is my fondest hope that you are enjoying my series.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 7 years ago from TEXAS

      I can hardly wait for the story to continue! It has the earmarks of a very popular theme - very timely and well-done!

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 7 years ago from TEXAS

      It's good! May I make a couple of small corrections? It's plight, not plite; and in this context, it's accepting, not excepting. To accept is to take willingly; to except is to reject specifically. It's a very common error these days, even from one who has such a good command of the language as you have! I think it must result from phonetic spelling in school and/or from audio learning more than visual.

      Sometimes it hardly matters but when the meaning of the choice of words is so very different - it matters, if only to alert an editor or wary reader that the clear meaning was not called out. You're too good to have those in your work!! If you wish to - you can certainly delete this from your comments. I'll write another without it. But it really bothered me for your sake.