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Hettie Part 4: To publish or not to publish

Updated on August 5, 2012

Some family

L to R Great Grandma Nancy (Ma), her daughter Sarah, Aunt Vickie (her granddaughter in purple), (her daughter) Grandma Willievelyn( in blue), and Aunt Margaret (Ma's daughter-in-law, Uncle Ben's wife)
L to R Great Grandma Nancy (Ma), her daughter Sarah, Aunt Vickie (her granddaughter in purple), (her daughter) Grandma Willievelyn( in blue), and Aunt Margaret (Ma's daughter-in-law, Uncle Ben's wife)
Grandma Willievelyn in navy blue with her children. (Mom's siblings)
Grandma Willievelyn in navy blue with her children. (Mom's siblings)
Baby sister Jacey playing Piano
Baby sister Jacey playing Piano
Census Record
Census Record

Going down the line

The 1920's it is not known for certain, where Hettie resided, but what is known is that she moved in with her daughter Mary Ann to assist her with her small children. Hettie was always willing to take in those who needed her. Some of her grandchildren she had a hand in raising, because the parents were deceased were Estelle, Shannie, Little George, Hosey, and Leroy (was not a blood grandchild, but by marriage.) These were the children of Abraham and his first wife Lizzie and his second wife Amelia, who were all deceased by 1930.

Abraham was believed to have passed around the late nineteen twenties. She placed them in the homes of her son Duncan and Odelia, Mary Ann and Raife, and Shannie and George. Also, she lost three other children in this decade, Edwin James (her oldest). Also her daughters, Louise and Bessie also died. Bessie dies of acute myocarditis and it is unknown the cause of Louise's death. Now, let's head to 1920 and see what the remaining offspring of Hettie are doing in the early part of the 1920's.

In 1920's, Edwin James is married to Betsy and has moved back to Dekalb Township in a rural area and he is working as a farmer and his wife does housework. Their children are James Jr. 16, Charles 14, Willie 13, Maybelle 11, twins Mary and Martha 6, Bennie 3, and baby Clarence, who is one years old.

In 1920, Abraham and Lizzie are still living in Dekalb Township at 166 Washington High Way. He works as a farmer and his wife Lizzie does housework. At this point, Abe is 38 and Lizzie is 36. They are renting their living quarters on the farm. They have six children living in the home with them. Their children include, Adlisher 14, Murdick 12, John Wesley 10, Willie 8, Hosey 4, and baby George, who is eighteen months old.

Louise and her husband Peter Wilson are living in Bishopville, South Carolina off of Bishopville Hwy in Lee County, South Carolina. They actually live on Lucknow Road, which takes you from Bishopville, South Carolina to Bethune, South Carolina down 34. Peter is working as a general farmer at age 40 and Louise is around 38. They have nine children at this time. The children are as follows: Emma Jane 15, Don Ella 14, Kennedy 12, Lillie Mae 10, Hettie 8, Virginia 7, Bessie 6, Rachel 4, and Charlie, who is five months old.

Duncan and Odelia have chosen to remain in Ionia Township in Lee County, South Carolina. Duncan is 38 and Odelia is 32 years old. They live on Camden Highway. Duncan is working as a Farmer on the farm. Their household has expanded quite a bit. The children include: Duncan Jr. 15, Edith 11, Cora 9, Robert 4, Charlie 2, and Bessie, who is eleven months old.

Charlie and Laura remain in Springhill Township in Lee County on Galleden Road. Charlie works as a Farmer on a General Farm. Their family has expanded to quite a large number of offspring. The children include: Hannah 12, Fronnie 11, Nancy 8, Louise 7, Charlie, Jr. 4 years and seven months, and Jessie Mae, who is two years and seven months old.

One can not help but notice the repetition of the names, which is a beautiful way to preserve one's heritage. Nancy was named for Hettie's adoptive mother and Louise for Charlie's oldest sister. Fronnie for Laura's mother Sophronia also known as Fronnie. Charlie is lovingly the third generation of Charlie's known as C.M., which has an interesting origin.

Bessie has within the last ten years moved out of her mother's home and married Richard Carter. Richard Carter was the boarder that lived with her brother Duncan in 1910, when Duncan lived near his mother Hettie in Ionia. Her family chose to stay in Ionia Township and they resided on Camden Road. Bessie is now 23 years old and her husband Richard Carter is 29 years old. Richard was employed as a farmer on the farm. They have two children, Issac 7 and Maynelle, who is fourteen months old. Their neighbors are the Barnes, Sparrows, Arrants, the maternal relative of Hettie, Bessie's mother.

Shannie has also like Bessie moved out of Hettie's home and married George McDuffie. They lived in the house with her husband's parents Jim and Louina, who are 71 and 72 years old. Jim was a farmer on a general farm and George was working on a farm as a farm laborer. They did not have any children at this point. George had just gotten out of the service. They were living on Bishopville-Camden Road.

Mary Ann has since moved out of her mother's home and has married Raife Kelley. They are living in Springhill in Lee County in South Carolina along with her older brother Charlie and his family. She has two children, Ervin 2 years and seven months and Earline, who was six months. They resided on a rented space on the farm on Galleden Road. Raife worked as a Farmer on a general farm, he is 23 and Mary Ann is 18 years old.

Now this is the final decade that led up to the passing of our matriarch, Hettie, lovingly referred to as "Maa." In 1930, she is living with her daughter Shannie and her husband George in Bishopville, South Carolina. This is the final census record of her life according to public records. This is her last known residence until her death. Before we explore Hettie's final days let's look at the lives of her surviving children Duncan, Charlie, Shannie, and Mary Ann. We have lost Edwin James, Abraham, Louise, and Bessie.

Duncan and Odelia are in their forties being forty-five and forty-two. Living in the home with them are children Robert 14, Charlie 12, and Bessie, who is 10. They are living in Camden, South Carolina. Duncan’s occupation is listed as carpenter and his area is building. This is quite a change from cash farmer, but look at what being a cash farmer in 1910 afforded him the license to do. Keep in mind this is during the time of the Great Depression.

Charlie and Laura are living in Brightsville in Marlboro County, South Carolina. They are still in search of easy living. The children in the home are Louise 15, Charlie 14, Jessie Mae 12, Ben 7, Bert Lee 5, and Willie Eugene, who is seventeen months old. Also living in the home is Laura’s older brother Addison McLeod, who is 47. He is also known to the children as Uncle Bud. The family as a collective are farmers. A recollection of this time period by eye witness Nancy Brown Stuckey was that her Papa went to sell his cotton for fifty cents a bale and he refused to sell it for anything less, so he went back home. As times continued to get harder, he took the cotton back to get the fifty cents only to discover that it was now sold at five cents a bale.

Mary Ann and Raife Kelley were married and have chosen to remain in Springhill in Lee County, South Carolina. They now have five children: McClendon 12, Earline 11, Lonnie 9, Leander 7, and Hettie, who is five years old. Their occupation was farm laborers on the farm.

Edwin James Brown’s children were placed in the home of James Jr., who is married to Hattie and he is living in Sandhills, North Carolina. The siblings in the home include: Bennie 14, Clarence 12, David 10, and Rosa 10. His children include: James Jr. and Harvey, who is 13 months. The family’s occupation at this time is cotton farmer.

Abraham’s remaining children Estelle and Shannie were placed by Maa in the homes of Duncan and Mary Ann. Hosey and George lived for a short period with her daughter Shannie and son-in-law George. As Estelle and Shannie (Abraham’s youngest daughters) became around the age of 10 or so they moved in with Shannie and George. Marvin Porter son of Charlie “Mutter” Brown’s oldest daughter Hannah was living in the home with Maa, Shannie, and George. These three children were the last three people to see Maa take her last breath. These three eye witnesses are thankfully still alive and willing and able to give their account of her final moments.

Hettie is now living with her daughter Shannie and her husband George McDuffie. George McDuffie and Shannie are laborers on a farm. They were living in part of Bishopville Township in Lee County, South Carolina. The household consists of George 35, Shannie 29, their daughter Wilma 9, Hettie 65, Hosea (son of Abraham), who is 15. Shannie was married at age 16 and Uncle George was 22 years old. The reason I have placed Shannie last is because this is the home where Hettie dies in 1940. This year on May 6th the scene is set by an eye witness Marvin “Jack” Porter.

Hettie happens to be sick, she didn’t know it, but she has Nephritis and senility, which was found at the time of her death. Little Shannie (Abraham’s daughter) is in the kitchen making breakfast. Estelle (Abraham’s youngest daughter) is in the room where Hettie lay dying. She is building a fire for her grandmother.

Shannie’s husband George is standing in the door and Jack is pacing the house. Hettie has a food request. She asks that her son Duncan bring her some ham and that was the very last thing she ever ate. She took her last breath and George said, “Shannie, she’s gone now.” Little Jack’s task is now to keep watch of his great grandmother’s dead body, so that the cat could not get to it. The experience was none more real to this young man and he stood guard for his grandmother Hettie, who stood in the gap for him during his time of urgent need. The irony.

That so ends our matriarch Hettie and thus sets forth a strong blood line of movers and shakers with unimaginable strength, courage, and willingness to help others. Thanks Maa we love you dearly. To complete this history I have prayed and want to provide our family with confirming their patriarchal lineage. Edwin James, Abraham, and Louise were born of her husband, James “Jim” Brown. According to Nancy Brown Stuckey, “Papa, Uncle Duncan, and Aunt Shannie all had the same father. I confirmed that it was true indeed and he was C. M. Alexander. His family was the last known family that Hettie worked for until her death in 1940. As for her daughter Bessie, her father was Charlie Coleman. Finally her youngest daughter Mary Ann’s father was Reverend Samuel Yates.

Thus ends the overview of our family lineage, due soon to be released into print is Hettie: The Lost Generation in publication by Brittany Stuckey. Thanks for reading and I look forward to it’s future release. To follow more of my writing follow me at!

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      6 years ago

      You are very welcome,Britt Van!

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      @Gypsy thanks so much for your kind words!

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      6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      @Integrity thanks so much!

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      Gypsy Rose Lee 

      6 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up and awesome. Fantastic and interesting hub.

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      6 years ago

      That is fantastic and emotional. I voted up.


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