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Hey Angel

Updated on May 9, 2017

She waltzed to the room and washed it on overpowering brightness
So full of light, she obliviously make bad vibrations depart
Her green eyes was its usual serene as it searches the crowd
Because she knew she will find me and I will never let her down

Finally, her eyes fastened with mine and I saw her twinkling smile
Our hearts beat in sync even from thousands of miles
Everybody gawks as she glided into me like a swan over the lake
Foolish me, ‘Hey angel' was all that I can manage to say

Never in a million years that I can find hands as delicate as she have
Under the moonlight, over this bridge, I confess my everlasting love
For a sole night, we relentlessly cruised the entire world
Discovered hidden treasures we never pictured we could

Can smell the roses whenever I got a whiff of her velvety hair
Cocooned in each other's embrace, we let ourselves be bare
I die a little every time I laid eyes on her exquisite visage
On the same moonlight, she showed me her wings, all that exists

We are a closed book, an enigma, a puzzle, me and her
We tend to make others confused, but we are perfect to each other
Rude hillbillies whispering we should not be together
'Cause we are on opposite sides and would not last forever

Euphoria engulfs me as we soul kiss
No one but her will ever make me feel like this
She is my solution through these confusing conundrums
My piece of heaven amidst this wearing pandemonium

I believe I'm not good enough to deserve someone so divine
But she tells me I am as good as gold otherwise
She makes me believe I can still produce kindness
Be as high and bright as the moon, stars and other heavenly bodies

She is an angel and forever will be one
An angel that everyone's wishing for and wants
Already accepted I do not deserve to be in heaven with her
But at least I would still have the pleasant memories we shared

Afraid the moment will transpire when she won't have any option but to leave
To come back to her rightful home, where Adam and Eve first lived
Once she's already there, I hope she would always remember me
And know I will totally understand if she wants her heart set free

On this night, under the same moonlight, I bid my farewell to her
On this night, under the same moonlight, I let it all hang out
On this night, under the same moonlight, I surrender my heart to her
For I am long-sufferingly cursed that I can't love anyone else but her forever


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