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Hey Little Birdie

Updated on April 12, 2016

Hey little birdy in yonder tree

What do you say

When you sing to me?

Do you sing

Of fluffy, puffy clouds

In the velvety deep-blue sky

Drifting lazily carried by the wind

Which has no beginning and has no end?

Do you sing

Of the deep golden hues of the sun softly rising

Chasing darkness and the inky black night

Replacing it with love, laughter and light?

Do you sing

Of the robin who passes you by

Chirping and harping about a caught worm

Joyfully offering it with thanksgiving

While it wiggles and squirms?

Do you sing

Of the bees as they buzz to and fro

Busily sipping nectar

From the flowers below?

Do you sing

Of the flowers so fragrant and sweet

Dressed in fine linen

From their head to their feet?

Do you sing

Of our cries of laughter through hot summer days

Fighting over garden hoses

And it's drenching cool sprays?

Do you sing

Of the whisper of the wind through the trees

Leaves twirling, twisting and skipping along

With an ageless dance and an effortless song?

Do you sing

Of the angels on bended knee

Their love of God shining pure and sweet

Echoing His praises to all of mankind

Telling of His love and His glory devine?


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